Maintaining Rental Properties: How Regular Cleaning Reduces Long-Term Maintenance Costs

One of the often overlooked needs of condo rental property maintenance is regular cleaning. Although this might seem like something left to the tenants, every new lease provides an opportunity to do a thorough cleaning to help protect the surfaces, appliances, and various materials in your units.

Maintaining rental properties: How regular cleaning reduces long-term maintenance costs

In this blog, we will examine how regular condo cleaning in Scarborough reduces your long-term costs.

Help to Manage Pests

Routine cleaning helps reduce pests, which can save thousands on pest control services. By ensuring every unit is deep cleaned between tenants, you can remove food remnants and debris that attract pests. 

You also have the opportunity to inspect your empty condo in key areas for roaches and silverfish, such as the empty kitchen cabinets, under sinks, behind appliances, and in the bedroom carpeting for bed bugs. Signs of pests include:

  • Insect exoskeletons
  • Droppings
  • Dead insects
  • Odd discolourations on walls
  • Seeing actual bugs or rodents

If you do spot signs of pests, you can hire a pest control company to come in while the unit is empty to deal with the issue before the new tenants move in.

Bonus Tip

Pests are also attracted to water sources, so make sure all faucets and pipes are leak/drip-free to make the unit less hospitable to uninvited guests!

Improve Appliance Efficiency

Rental unit appliances can drain your energy and maintenance budget when not operating at peak performance. By cleaning your units between tenants, you can reduce the costs of appliance repairs and improve energy efficiency. Regular appliance cleaning and maintenance includes the following:

  • Replacing/cleaning filters
  • Checking for pests
  • Checking and tightening plumbing connections
  • Removing dust and grime buildup
  • Cleaning the condenser coils on the fridge
  • Removing grime and mould from seals on doors, especially on the oven, fridge, and washer
  • Eliminating grime from inside the microwave
  • Removing lint from the dryer
  • Checking and replacing seals and gaskets to form a tight seal on various appliance doors

These steps optimize appliance performance so they: a) don’t waste energy working hard to keep up with demand, and b) reduce wear and tear by allowing smoother operation to avoid the high cost of appliance repair or replacement. 

Restore the Appearance of Flooring

Flooring is an expensive replacement item that helps improve the aesthetic appeal of your units to attract a higher level of tenants. Proper, professional condo cleaning that Scarborough landlords invest in helps ensure:

  • Carpets maintain their original colour, so they always look fresh and new
  • Debris is removed from carpets to reduce friction on fibres that make carpets look dull and old, and also damages the padding below
  • Odours are removed from carpet fibres
  • Debris is removed to prevent premature wear on the protective coating on flooring such as hardwood, laminate, and vinyl
  • Removing staining on grout for tile flooring in kitchens and bathrooms to help maintain the seal and avoid mould  

Proper floor cleaning methods help prolong life to avoid costly flooring replacement and avoid lowering the perceived value of your units, which might call for a reduction in rent.

Reduce the Costs of Work Orders

Work orders take time to process to determine whether they require action. “High-maintenance” tenants tend to produce the most work orders. This often includes unreasonable requests you don’t need to attend to, such as demanding carpet replacement when there’s a stain despite the carpet having been professionally steam-cleaned. 

However, regardless of whether the work order is legitimate or simply nit-picking, it still costs money to process, arrange for inspection, and deem the issue either closed or requiring a resolution. 

Regular cleaning helps avoid work orders by maintaining units to the highest possible level to ensure you have satisfied tenants who won’t find anything to complain about. 

Decrease the Costs of Emergency Repairs

As mentioned, remaining responsive to tenant demands costs time and money. By attending to proper cleaning and maintenance, you can reduce the risk of emergency repairs on things like appliances and plumbing by assessing and cleaning these items before tenants move in. 

As listed above, proper condo cleaning that Scarborough landlords arrange helps reduce the need for repairs and replacements. It also eliminates the cost of responding to tenant complaints when things are damaged and require emergency repairs or replacements.

Whether you attend to these issues yourself, have a property manager/superintendent, or have to call in professionals such as a plumber, proper cleaning will reduce demand on the time and money invested in emergency repairs. 

Avoid Water Damage

During the deep-clean process performed during condo cleaning in Scarborough, you can identify issues in key areas prone to leaks. While steam-cleaning the bathroom, for example, you can ensure grout and caulking remains intact. 

This avoids cracks that allow water to get in behind the tile and cause serious water damage to subfloors and walls. In the kitchen, while cleaning the sink, faucet, and lower cabinets, you can also detect leaks.

Other critical areas include connections to appliances, especially water connections to fridges and washers. All of these steps identify potential leak risks so you can avoid the costs of water damage and related maintenance challenges, including costly mould abatement.

Reduce Dust in the Unit

Although dust might seem like nothing more than a nuisance that your tenants can contend with, allowing dust to build up on appliances, heating/cooling units, filters, fixtures, etc. can lead to costly consequences. 

Dust, especially when combined with moisture, creates a threat to your systems if not removed on a regular basis. It lowers the efficiency of HVAC systems as well as appliances and, when mixed with humidity, can cause corrosion on exposed parts of your systems.

A condo cleaning Scarborough service helps control dust accumulation, removing it from blocked air vents and from filters in appliances such as fridges, ovens, and exhaust fans. As already noted, the proper function of these rental unit essentials is a must to improve energy efficiency and reduce wear and tear on components. 

Bonus Tip

GermBlasters for condo cleaning in Scarborough is the ultimate level of clean, helping you control several common maintenance issues, including the following:

  • Killing mould and mildew, and preventing spores from forming for up to seven months
  • Eliminating odours
  • Effectively cleaning HVAC and air ducts for dust and antimicrobial control

Call the Cleaning Experts at Maid4Condos

As you can see, the regular condo cleaning helps reduce maintenance costs, maintain unit value, and contribute to tenant satisfaction.

Visit our website for more information about Maid4Condos’ condo cleaning in Scarborough and the GTA. You can also call us at 647-822-0601 or contact us online.

Post-Construction Cleaning: Getting Homes Ready for the Market

Post-construction is the critical last step in preparing a property for its occupants. In this article, we will look at the process and how thorough residential cleaning services in Toronto help get homes ready for the market.

Post-construction cleaning: Getting homes ready for the market

Who hires post-construction cleaners?

Typically, post-construction cleaners are hired by the property owner, manager, or developer.

Does it help to have mid-construction cleanings?

This is a very different process than post-construction cleaning. Mid-construction cleanings help create a safer work environment, while post-construction cleaning ensures the space is ready for its intended use.

Don’t contractors handle the cleaning?

Contractors take care of the basic cleaning that removes things like dangerous debris, material waste, their equipment, etc. This still leaves a large cleaning job to tackle before the level of clean is reached for safe occupancy.

What do post-construction cleaning services include?

Post-construction services include a thorough cleaning of the entire space to ensure it is safe. This typically includes:

  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Sanitizing surfaces
  • Removing debris
  • Cleaning windows (inside and out) and mirrors

What is the post-construction process?

There are three phases of post-construction cleaning, including the following:

  1. Initial cleaning

This phase is performed by industrial professional cleaners as it addresses the larger, most prominent cleaning issues to make room for cleaning equipment that finishes the job. This includes:

  • Removing large debris like cast-off materials and building supplies
  • Window and mirror cleaning
  • Hardware and fixture cleaning
  • Removing protective coverings and residue left behind from packaging
  • Vacuuming
  • Removing hazardous material containers 
  1. Main cleaning

This is the nitty-gritty of the cleaning, addressing all surfaces and tasks, and often performed by commercial or residential cleaners. It includes:

  • Dusting 
  • Removal of drips such as globs of glue or paint splatter
  • Wiping down all surfaces, including walls, counters, floors, etc.
  • Cleaning and removing wrapping from fixtures, appliances, etc.
  • Vacuuming and cleaning carpets and floors
  • Disinfecting surfaces, especially in kitchens, bathrooms, and frequently touched surfaces
  1. Final cleaning

While phase 2 is quite thorough, phase 3 takes care of all the touch-up cleaning for anything that was missed. The most important step in this phase is a final walkthrough to identify issues that will need to be taken care of. This list is usually handled by residential cleaning services in Toronto who tackle the following:

  • Spot-cleaning of various surfaces, especially fingerprints and smudges
  • Spots on windows and mirrors, as well as other glossy surfaces such as marble counters, floors, and walls
  • Polishing fixtures in the bathroom (as well as lighting)
  • Removing garbage

Who should perform post-construction cleanings?

Post-construction cleanings require specialty cleaning equipment, as well as a familiarity with removing substances not usually encountered in the average living or workspace. This is especially true in phase 1. 

As a result, it is a job best left to professional cleaners who understand the risks and hazards encountered during post-construction cleaning. This might include:

  • Hard-to-remove adhesives, paints, and finishing products
  • Dangerous empty containers under pressure
  • Specialty surfaces requiring treatments such as marble and natural stone
  • Potentially dangerous fumes
  • Sharp and dangerous debris such as broken glass, mirror fragments, lumber, used blades from utility knives, etc. 

What types of specialty equipment are required for post-construction cleaning?

Some examples of the specialty equipment used for the post-construction cleaning process include:

  • Cleaners designed to remove adhesives
  • HEPA commercial vacuums to capture excess dust and debris
  • Commercial-grade disinfectants
  • Safety gloves to avoid injury from sharp objects and debris
  • Goggles and masks to deal with hazardous fumes
  • Proper, safe containers for disposal of hazardous materials

What are post-construction cleaning safety hazards?

There are several potential hazards encountered during the post-construction cleaning process that must be handled properly to make new homes safe, including:

  • Discarded nails and screws
  • Glass shards
  • Power tool parts and broken equipment
  • Loose fixtures
  • Falling hazards, such as loose materials on walls and ceilings
  • Dangerous construction dust such as sawdust, metal filings, drywall dust, and cement dust
  • Exposure to volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) released from various building materials
  • Harsh cleaning chemicals and solvents

It’s also important that those working on the post-construction cleaning process are trained on these hazards and have the proper protective gear and equipment to safely and effectively remove all traces of these hazards. This is the only way to ensure the home is ready and safe for occupancy. 

What are some post-construction cleaning best practices?

The three most important best practices in the post-construction cleaning process are as follows:

  1. Safety: We can’t stress enough the importance of putting safety first following a construction project. Construction sites are filled with threats and hazards, even once the contractors are finished and have turned over the property to the property manager or owners. There are still all kinds of dangers from broken glass and stray nails to dust containing dangerous materials such as concrete.

    During each phase of the post-construction cleaning process, cleaners must be aware of the risks and wear proper safety gear to avoid injuries. Proper removal of hazardous materials is also essential to ensure the home is fit for living.
  2. Top-down cleaning: Top-down cleaning is the safest process to remove dust efficiently and thoroughly. By working from the ceiling down, falling dust is captured at each stage all the way down to the floors. The final stage then uses a thorough vacuuming process with commercial-grade HEPA vacuums to remove any remaining irritable fine debris and dust for the best possible air quality
  3. GermBlasters service: Our GermBlasters service provides an effective disinfection of new homes. It not only targets germs such as the common cold, the flu, and other superbugs, but also other harmful substances such as mould, mildew, allergens, and odours. These are all common in new-build homes due to open exposure to the elements at different stages of the build in hand with massive amounts of dust and particles in the air.

    GermBlasters effectively eliminates contaminants left behind from the final clean, creating a safer environment using highly efficient surface and airborne coverage from ceiling to floor.

Contact the Cleaning Professionals

With all the expense and effort put into building new homes, you don’t want to risk your reputation by missing a thorough post-construction cleaning in the final stages. This information will help ensure this critical step is carried out properly to create safe living environments for new homeowners.

Visit our website for more information about Maid4Condos’ residential cleaning services in Toronto. You can also call us at 647-822-0601 or contact us online.

The Role of Deep Cleaning in Preparing Homes for Sale

When you think of all the things that go on in your home, it’s no wonder rental and home purchase agreements both have clauses requiring a professional cleaning to prepare occupancy for the next residents. 

The role of deep cleaning in preparing homes for sale

There are far too many germs and bacteria left behind on surfaces to not insist on having a clean home. However, at Maid4Condos, we say it makes sense to have that same level of clean using deep cleaning services Toronto trusts when preparing your home for sale. Here’s why:

Calming the Fears of Germaphobes

Although not everyone is a germaphobe, you can count on the average person becoming extra-sensitive about the idea of germs when shopping for a home. There’s really no way around it.

By investing in deep cleaning services in Toronto when preparing your home for sale, you’ll ensure your home is beyond reproach even to the most obsessive germaphobes out there.

Showing Off Your Home’s Strong Points

Home buyers sometimes get caught up in the less important details when they first view a home. They’re looking for all those designer features that will make them proud to entertain guests in their new home.

That includes things like trendy backsplashes, impressive countertops, designer cabinets, high-end flooring, and more. 

As a result, you need to deep clean all of these surfaces to show off your home’s strong points, so people see the feature, instead of the caked-on, obviously lived-in wear and tear, grime, and crustiness that instantly devalues your home’s selling points.

Appealing to Buyers’ Senses

Deep cleaning services in Toronto tackle every square inch of your home, providing an all-around clean that just doesn’t compare to a basic cleaning.

Even if you’re a germaphobe intent on scrubbing away germs and bacteria obsessively, there’s something about a deep cleaning that tends to stand out from any cleaning you can perform on your own.

It makes things smell undeniably fresh, look sparkly clean, and feel smooth to the touch without any stickiness or grime.

Removing Musty, Mouldy, and Unpleasant Odours

As mentioned above, a deep cleaning gets rid of odours. While there are lots of cleaners available on the market today with built-in air fresheners, they only mask odours.

A deep cleaning removes the source of the odours including mildew, mould, caked-on dirt, pet hair, smoke residue, and more. You just can’t beat that level of odour removal. 

Making Bathrooms Feel Newer

You can’t get around the fact that bathrooms will always feel used. It’s a room we all use every day and often, which means it is under the most scrutiny when buyers are touring your home.

A deep cleaning addresses dirt and build-up so that your tiles, fixtures, and tub have that brand-new sparkling clean look and feel. As noted, deep cleaning also helps tackle those odour-causing things like mildew and mould, so your bathroom also smells clean. You’ll know everything is clean, including:

  • Bathtub and shower enclosure
  • Inside, outside, and behind the toilet
  • Lights, mirrors, sink, and countertops
  • Ceiling fan cover
  • Light switches and door knobs
  • Garbage bin
  • Floors
  • Baseboards

Making Kitchens Feel Eat-Off-the-Floor Clean

We all know that buyers view the kitchen as the heart of the home, but they also plan to prepare their food in this area. They will be scrutinizing every surface, opening every cabinet and drawer, and inspecting the appliances with a very critical eye.

As a result, you need to know your kitchen will pass all these tests with that eat-off-the-floor kind of clean that helps chase away thoughts of salmonella. Everything is addressed including:

  • Emptying the dishwasher 
  • Microwave, inside and out
  • Stove top
  • Fridge front 
  • Backsplash, counter tops, and cupboard fronts
  • Sink
  • Light switches and door knobs
  • Garbage and recycling bins
  • Floors
  • Baseboards
  • Window ledges

Creating a Welcoming Living Space

Creating a welcoming living space isn’t just about staging with the right furniture and paint colour on the walls. It also includes creating a clutter-free, dust-free, and crumb-free home.

A deep cleaning ensures the living space feels ready, and shows you take good care of your home. This includes making sure the following cleaning tasks are taken care of:

  • General tidying
  • Tidy sofa seating
  • Table tops, picture frames, and window ledges
  • Clean mirrors and dust ornaments
  • Wipe telephones, switches, and door knobs
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Wipe baseboards
  • Clean under and behind furniture
  • Vacuum sofa seating

Removing Evidence of Pets

Although Canadians owned about 8.1 million cats and 7.7 million dogs in 2020, people don’t want to smell your pets! Deep cleaning addresses common surfaces that can hold pet odours, including flooring and wall-to-wall carpets. 

As a result, you can remove all evidence of your pets, so people with allergies don’t feel turned off by lingering smells of cat and dog odours.  

Passing the Appliance Inspection

No one wants to buy a home with broken, filthy, and uncared-for appliances. A deep cleaning addresses appliance cleaning needs, ensuring they’ll pass that initial inspection by buyers.

You want to know that when a potential buyer opens the dryer, for example, they won’t find a dirty lint trap. You also want to feel confident the oven and fridge will be up to snuff without any obvious grunge, grease, slime, or caked-on foods.

Clean appliances speak to your commitment to maintaining your assets, so buyers will feel more confident they’ll work when they move in.

Contact the Cleaning Experts

While you should clean your home when preparing to list it for sale, you can create a far cleaner foundation by investing in a deep cleaning first. This will clean every surface in every room, as well as your kitchen and laundry appliances, for an all-over clean that can’t be beat.

At Maid4Condos, our move-out and deep cleaning services in Toronto tackle this essential cleaning job to help you get top dollar for your home. For more information about our deep cleaning services, call us at 647-822-0601 or contact us online.

Move-In vs. Move-Out Cleaning: What’s the Difference in Toronto?

When you move homes, you need to arrange for move-out and move-in cleaning to ensure your old home is clean and sanitary for the new residents, and your new home is a clean slate when you arrive.

Move-in vs. Move-out cleaning: What’s the difference in Toronto?

You might be thinking, “But if everyone is supposed to do that, doesn’t it mean I should just worry about the move-out cleaning service?” You would think so, but there’s a difference between the two, and also, not everyone follows the rules!

In this article, we will look at the difference between move-in and move-out cleaning in North York, and why both are so important.

What is move-out cleaning in North York?

Move-out cleaning services provide a deep cleaning of your old home to leave everything disinfected and sparkling clean for the new residents. This is almost always part of your tenant’s agreement or terms of your home sale, typically including a thorough scrubbing of every surface in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living areas, closets, and hallways from top to bottom.

If there are rugs, these are shampooed, and the floors are mopped and/or treated with protective coatings. All walls, window sills, and baseboards are wiped down, and appliances are also cleaned inside and out. Other services might include polishing surfaces and cabinets.

The purpose of the move-out cleaning process is to guarantee the landlord or new owners/tenants are satisfied with the condition of the home. It helps to take pictures and request a receipt from the cleaning service as proof the job was completed to ensure you get your deposit back.

What are move-in cleaning services?

Move-in cleaning provides a similar cleaning process to the one mentioned above at your new home before you arrive. Although tenants and previous owners are expected to conduct a move-out cleaning, a move-in cleaning is intended to remove all traces that the move-out cleaning might miss.

This ensures that your home is move-in ready so you aren’t sitting in your new home wondering if it has in fact been cleaned by the previous residents.

What’s the difference between move-in and move-out cleanings in North York?

When looking at the above descriptions of each, it might seem there aren’t any obvious differences, which is true! However, where the difference tends to lie is in the check-lists used for the two services.

In the case of move-out cleanings in North York, there might be specific requirements made by the landlord depending on the type of property. These differences might also be noted in the case of a home sale, where certain conditions apply. This typically might include additions such as:

  • Cleaning windows inside and out.
  • Power-washing exteriors such as siding, paths, patios, etc.
  • Ensuring all marks and stains are removed from surfaces.
  • Ensuring all garbage is removed from the property.
  • Steam-cleaning certain elements of the home, like carpets or bathrooms.

The landlord dictates what is done for a move-out cleaning, whereas it’s the new resident who dictates the list for the move-in cleaning.

What are the benefits of move-out cleaning in North York?

The main benefit of move-out cleaning services is that you guarantee you’ll get your full deposit back. You’ll not only have a professional cleaning team following the required cleaning list, but also have a receipt proving the cleaning was conducted and paid for.

However, there are also fringe benefits to move-out cleaning, including the following:

  • You don’t have to worry about doing it yourself (with so many other things to do on moving day).
  • Proper cleaning equipment and products will ensure there is nothing to dispute with your landlord.
  • It’s the respectful thing to do for the new residents.
  • It will reduce the stress of not just moving, but also worrying that you’ll lose your deposit.
  • Move-out cleanings also pay it forward for you when you arrive at your new home!

What are the benefits of move-in cleaning services?

Move-in cleaning services are all about peace of mind. You’ll know you’re moving into a clean, safe environment free of all the germs, bacteria, and unthinkable things left behind by the previous residents.

You can concentrate on packing at your old home and then unpacking at your new home, confident that everything is cleaned to your standards. As a result, moving day is all about settling in, adding your own touches to your new home, and enjoying your new space with family and friends.

Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning FAQs

Can my landlord actually hold back my deposit just because my apartment is dirty?

Yes, your lease will explain what is expected when you move out, namely, returning the apartment key with the apartment in the same condition as when you moved in. Leases do consider normal wear and tear, but have the expectation that the home will be clean and sanitary for the next tenant.

If everyone has to perform a move-out cleaning, why should I pay for a move-in cleaning?

This is a logical question with a very logical answer. Do you really want to trust that the home was cleaned to your satisfaction? Consider what people might potentially do in each room and what that might leave behind.

Not to be gross, but remember the stories about what inspectors have found in hotel rooms? Well, your home could be just as bad or worse. It’s easy to fake a clean, so you don’t want to take any risks with your health or living with the constant worry of potential “ick” factors every time you bathe, use the bathroom, or prepare a meal!

If I really want to know the home is clean, why not just do it myself?

This is another good question. Let’s put it this way: do you really want to worry about cleaning your new home on top of moving? When exactly would you do it? You likely won’t have time to do it before you move, unless you get the keys early.

Even then, you’ll have so many other things to worry about that you likely won’t get to it. That leaves cleaning to moving day. How tired will you be? How can you inspect the home for dirt if the residence is filled with boxes and all your furniture?

No, we definitely say that although you could try cleaning your new home yourself, you won’t have the time, tools, cleaning products, energy, or desire to do so with everything else you have to worry about!

Contact the Cleaning Experts at Maid4Condos

So, there you have it. Although not drastically different in theory, move-in and move-out cleanings ensure you honour your commitments and give you peace of mind knowing your new home is cleaned to within an inch of its life!

Click here to get a quote on Maid4Condos’ move-in/move-out cleaning in North York packages. For more information, you can also call us at 647-822-0601 or contact us online.

Emergency Cleaning Services: Rapid Response for Property Managers

Property managers can face unexpected cleaning emergencies, especially when undergoing tenant evictions or scenarios where tenants skip out on rent and move without notice. Regardless of the cause, having a trusted cleaning company in Toronto to quickly manage the cleaning for you is critical. 

Emergency cleaning services: Rapid response for property managers

In this article, we will examine emergency cleaning services and the importance of building a relationship with a cleaning company in Toronto that can provide a rapid response when needed.

What are emergency cleaning services?

Emergency cleaning services are professional cleaners trained and experienced in managing all levels of emergency cleanings. They can come in at a moment’s notice with the proper equipment and team to help mitigate damage related to unmanageable or overwhelming cleaning scenarios. 

What’s the difference between regular and emergency cleaning services? 

There are a few important differences between a regular cleaning company in Toronto and emergency cleaning services, including the following:

  • Availability: Emergency cleaning services in Toronto are available 24/7 and can arrive quickly to tackle the issue.
  • Equipment: Special, heavy-duty professional cleaning equipment is usually required for emergency cleaning situations, which a basic cleaning company likely doesn’t have.
  • Technique: Cleaning emergencies require organized cleaning methods that tackle the job in a logical order to reduce damage and help salvage materials to minimize costs.
  • Mitigating risks: Emergency cleaners understand common risks for future emergencies through their hands-on experience. As a result, they can offer advice and tips on how to avoid emergencies or reduce the level of damage in the future. 

What are the benefits of emergency cleaning services in Toronto?

Emergency cleaning services offer several benefits, including the following:

  • Quick response: Emergency cleaners are available 24/7, ensuring you have specialists on the job as soon as possible to reduce the amount of damage resulting from the condition of the property.
  • Expertise: Emergency cleaning sites present specific and often unexpected cleaning requirements that must be handled properly. Emergency cleaning services have the expertise required to troubleshoot these situations quickly, and take the proper steps to ensure the cleaning is carried out using best practices.
  • Time and money savings: Although emergency cleaners offer a specialized service, the extra cost is often balanced by reduced damage and time. Training in emergency cleaning allows the team to clean more efficiently while taking steps necessary to salvage whatever they can. This can save you money in the long run.
  • Safety: The dangers presented at serious cleaning emergency sites must be handled using safety standards to avoid injury and the possibility of releasing toxins into the air.

    An emergency cleaning company in Toronto carefully assesses the site to look for serious risks, from exposure to live wires to dangerous toxins, before creating a viable plan to complete the job. This is especially important when water is involved, as when cleaning is not performed properly, it creates an environment where mould can thrive in hidden areas. 
  • Maintain safe living conditions: As mentioned above, using proper emergency cleaning techniques is essential. The unit must be cleaned to the proper standards for a safe living environment.

    Issues such as mould growth puts your tenants’ health at risk, which can result in liabilities. It also creates situations where you’ll experience constant tenant turnover when people feel they’re living in an unsafe environment. Constant vacancies cost you money. Emergency cleaners will conduct a thorough cleaning to protect your tenants and yourself.
  • Minimizing income disruption: The longer it takes to get the unit back into rentable condition, the more it costs the property owner. Taking immediate steps to hire an emergency cleaning service ensures the property is ready for renovation if required, such as new paint, replacing damaged floors, installing new fixtures, etc. This way, either the current tenants can move back in, or you can advertise the unit for rent.

The Importance of Unit Maintenance

It’s equally crucial to maintain rental units with a strict policy on your move-in/move-out cleaning process. This is the first step to reducing the possible damage caused by tenants and quickly addressing units left in poor condition.

While you can’t control emergencies related to disasters such as flooding, fire, or vandalism related to break-ins, you can ensure your property maintains its value and is ready for tenants using an experienced move-in/move-out cleaning service. 

The benefits of partnering with a professional cleaning company in Toronto include the following:

  • Long-term impact: A cleaning strategy ensures you extend the life of materials, provide a cleaner environment to attract long-term tenants, and provide a sanitary, comfortable living environment that makes good first impressions when showing units.
  • Tenant peace of mind: When new tenants move in, they’ll find a home that meets their standards of cleanliness so they can settle in with peace of mind. This contributes to tenant retention.
  • Effective property management: Professional cleaners manage the time-consuming process of move-out cleanings so you can focus on the more important aspects of property management. Once they’re done, you can perform a quick inspection and know the unit is ready for occupation with little effort required on your part. 
  • Reduce complaints: Happy tenants are quiet tenants who won’t continuously pressure your management team to make improvements in the unit. Professional cleaners will create impeccable living spaces where tenants can enjoy the space without constant maintenance requests that waste time and money.
  • Protect your reputation: Social media and online reviews touch every aspect of Toronto living, including ratings for property rentals. If your units are not up to standard, you can find complaints about your property, landlord, or management team that make it impossible to find tenants.

    People search everything before making purchases or commitments, and this includes their rental homes. Condos with bad reputations for crime, excess short-term rentals in the building, or poor maintenance all get mentioned online, creating a reputation nightmare.

Call the Cleaning Experts

When an emergency happens, access to speedy cleaning services is essential. Factors such as easy online booking and a partnership with regular cleaning services in Toronto help you maintain rental units to reduce damage and provide safe, clean living spaces for happy tenants.

Maid4Condos is a trusted cleaning company in Toronto with the experience to make the tenant turnover process easier for property managers, owners, and landlords. Call us at 647-822-0601 for a free online quote or contact us here.

The Benefits of Regular House Cleaning in Toronto

If you’re like most people who clean their own homes, you likely tend to live in varied states of mess. We get how hard it is to balance work, kids, and all the other tasks you need to manage and still find time for much-deserved downtime. As a result, rest trumps cleaning almost every time. 

The benefits of regular house cleaning in Toronto

Fortunately, to help keep your home neat and clean, we will share the benefits of regular house cleaning from our professional house cleaning services in North York.

What is regular house cleaning?

Regular house cleaning is simply taking the time to manage the mess to maintain a clean home. Instead of waiting until the mess and dirt are noticeably out of control, you follow a more regular cleaning schedule based on the type of cleaning required. 

Whether it’s daily tasks like washing the dishes, weekly jobs like dusting and laundry, or more spaced out cleaning tasks such as doing the windows, regular house cleaning services in North York will keep your home presentable and livable. 

Why is regular house cleaning better?

There are several benefits to regular house cleaning services in North York, including the following:

It Makes Cleaning Easier

Most of us have a designated cleaning day every one to two weeks. Regular house cleaning services in North York make it easier to manage your cleaning chores as it keeps things tidier and cleaner. As a result, you spend less time scrubbing and can get through your cleaning faster and with less effort.

You Avoid Living in a Dirty Home

Regular house cleaning ensures you never live in a dirty, messy home. You always have a reasonable sense of tidiness so you aren’t constantly tripping over dirty clothes and toys, taking a shower in a tub with a nasty soap scum ring, or facing a pile of dirty dishes when it’s time to make dinner.

You Reduce Stress

Clean, tidy homes are proven to reduce stress. When your home is tidy, your mind can relax. You maintain a feeling of control over your life when everything in your home is in good order. 

You also have a more permanent feeling of “home” when everything feels familiar. A clean home keeps everything looking the same, with each room free of clutter and mess. 

From a cleaning standpoint, the physical act releases endorphins. That’s why once you get started, you feel more motivated to keep going until the work is done. In fact, the act of cleaning also forces us to slow down so we can get our thoughts in order as we get our homes in order!

Create a Pleasant and Productive Environment

Regular house cleaning services in North York maintain a pleasant environment where you become more productive, whether working or relaxing. A home without clutter also helps improve focus, as your home is free of distractions. 

If you work from a disorganized home, there is no escape from the mess, making life difficult without relief from the constant clutter. This creates even more stress.

You Live in a Healthier Environment

There’s no getting around the fact that a dirty home exposes you to more germs and bacteria. With regular cleaning, you keep sickness at bay such as colds and flu, while also preventing foodborne illnesses like salmonella and E. coli. 

Cleaning Improves Indoor Air Quality

Dusting is one of those painfully unpleasant jobs, but it is a necessary evil to stop dust from building up on the surfaces of your home. Dust buildup impacts the indoor air quality in your home. 

Germs, bacteria, and allergens cling to dust particles, keeping them on surfaces and in the air. As a result, when you don’t keep up with dusting, you’re breathing in tiny particles that can impact your respiratory system. This is especially dangerous for those with asthma and allergies. 

You Find Items More Easily

Clean homes tend to be organized homes. When you use something and put it away, you always know where it is so you can find it when needed. This helps reduce stress and makes life easier.

Your Home Becomes Harmonious 

Messy homes tend to result in more arguments in the household. When a home isn’t cleaned regularly, it creates rifts among family members or housemates, with everyone pointing fingers at each other about who cleans more.

Common arguments, like not doing your own dishes, not cleaning up after yourself in the bathroom, and leaving clothes all over the place, all build resentment. When the home is cleaned regularly, everyone pitches in, and resentments are eliminated.

Guests Don’t Pose a Problem

A messy home is a source of embarrassment. With regular cleaning services in North York, you never have to scramble when someone pops in. You’re also more likely to repay friends and family who entertain often by inviting them over, knowing your home is presentable.

Additionally, it makes it easier to be more spontaneous, such as being out on a date and then inviting someone for a drink at home. As a result, you become more social and enjoy spending time with the people you love. 

You Might Sleep Better

A bedroom with clothes everywhere, dusty surfaces, dirty sheets, and a general sense of disorganization makes it difficult to relax so you can sleep. Your subconscious is likely nagging at you to clean your sheets or do the laundry. Thus, your brain keeps active and you can’t get a good night’s sleep. 

You Feel a Sense of Accomplishment

Cleaning allows you to check off a pile of items on your to-do list. This makes you feel a sense of accomplishment. Cleaning is fulfilling; you can see instant results and enjoy your home and feel better about yourself.

Contact the Cleaning Experts in North York

While we all run into busy weeks that cause us to fall behind on our cleaning, keeping up with regular cleaning lessens the impact, so your home always feels tidier. 

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How to Hire a Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning Service: 8 Tips to Consider

Moving is a stressful affair that takes time and planning. There are a lot of moving parts you need to coordinate including everything from packing to cleaning. 

8 tips to consider on how to hire a Move in/Move out cleaning service

Move-in/move-out cleaning is one of those things you want to do right. Leaving the apartment clean when you move ensures you don’t lose your security deposit, and the whole move-in/move-out cleaning process makes certain that your new home is also clean when you arrive.

In this article, we will share eight move-out cleaning service tips to help ensure everything goes smoothly and stands up to the high standards of even the most discerning landlord.

1. Review your lease

Make sure you review your lease and understand the issues that can increase the risk of losing your security deposit. This often includes minor repairs. 

We always recommend tenants take photos of anything damaged in an apartment at the time they move in and report it to their landlord to avoid footing the bill for damage you didn’t cause. 

Have your landlord do a walkthrough before you move so you can discuss anything they feel needs attention. This will ensure you can deal with the issues and not find yourself paying fees unnecessarily. 

2. Know why you need move-out cleaning services

Your lease has a clause that indicates you have to leave your rental unit as close to the same condition as it was when you moved in. 

Although normal wear and tear is a given, a thorough cleaning removes the ick factor for the new tenants, while ensuring you aren’t handed a cleaning and repair bill from your ex-landlord when you fail to meet their move-out inspection. 

Professional move-out cleaning services follow a strict and detailed cleaning list to ensure everything stands up to your landlord’s expectations. It also allows you to move into your new home without worrying about scrubbing the tub, so it’s kind of like paying it forward!

3. Know what a move-out clean includes

Before you hire move-out cleaning services, make sure you understand what cleaning tasks are expected by your landlord. This typically includes:


  • Bathtub and shower enclosure
  • Inside, out, and behind the toilet
  • Lights, mirrors, sink, countertops
  • Vacuum ceiling fan cover
  • Light switches, door knobs
  • Empty garbage bin
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Wipe baseboards
  • Wipe vanity inside and out


  • Dust counters, table tops, picture frames
  • Clean mirrors and polish ornaments
  • Wipe switches, door knobs
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Wipe baseboards
  • Wipe window ledges


  • Inside fridge and oven
  • Stovetop
  • Polish fridge front
  • Inside the microwave
  • Backsplash, countertops, cupboard fronts
  • Sink
  • Wipe light switches and door knobs
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Clean baseboards
  • Wipe window ledges
  • Clean inside cabinets
  • Wipe inside drawers

Living/dining room:

  • Clean mirrors and polish ornaments
  • Wipe switches and door knobs
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Wipe baseboards
  • Wipe window ledges

Laundry room:

  • Clear air vent
  • Clear lint trap
  • Wipe washer and dryer
  • Clean floors

4. Compare move-out cleaning costs

Although you might not want to foot the bill for cleaning costs, it will be far more affordable than being handed a cleaning bill by your landlord. 

Get a few quotes from dependable move-out cleaning services and compare what cleaning services are provided. 

Also, be sure your quotes are from providers that offer a specific offering called “move-in/move-out cleaning,” as it is a very specialized service requiring a deeper clean than your everyday cleaning. 

5. Schedule your move-out cleaning services in advance

The end of the month puts high demand on moving-related services in the GTA, including movers, moving vans, and move-out cleaning services. 

To avoid disappointment, you should book your cleaning services at least two to four weeks out so you have one less thing to worry about. 

6. Access and timing for move-out cleaning services

This can be tricky to coordinate. You need the cleaners to have total access to an empty apartment. You also don’t want them overlapped with your movers, as moving is dirty work. The last thing you need is for the movers to dirty up floors that the cleaners have already cleaned.

You need the apartment to be empty and avoid being there while the cleaners work. It can also be hard to know what time you will have everything moved out of the unit. 

All things considered, a good rule of thumb is to ask the cleaners what they suggest. They do this for a living, so they can recommend a good time, and ensure they have the access they need without causing too much of an inconvenience. 

Also, it depends on your lease agreement and when you move. If you’re moving out a few days early, this makes it a lot easier to coordinate a cleaning time. The important thing is that the unit is clean before you do a walkthrough with your landlord and hand over the keys. 

7. Make sure the move-out cleaning services has a guarantee

This is an important job that requires cleaning standards to meet the requirements of your lease agreement. Be sure you hire a move-out cleaning service that has a guarantee. If things are not cleaned properly, they will return to complete the job to your satisfaction.

8. What happens if your unit isn’t considered move-in clean?

Your landlord has a right to charge you or hold onto your security deposit if they feel your apartment is not cleaned properly. A good rule of thumb is to take a before and after shot of your apartment so you have proof the apartment was in fact cleaned. 

Also, maintain your move-out cleaning services bill to show the landlord. If the cleaning is not up to snuff, and you followed our advice and hired a cleaning service with a guarantee, you can call them and have them take care of the areas the landlord feels are not clean enough. 

Think of move-out cleaning as a courtesy. You wouldn’t want the home you’re moving into to be filthy, and it just makes sense that the new tenants in your old apartment won’t want to either. 

It’s something that needs to be done to ensure you get your security deposit back, and it also feels good knowing you left the apartment in the same condition it was when you moved in.

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11 Questions to Ask When Considering Residential Cleaning Services

When cleaning your home becomes too much work, hiring a residential cleaning service is the perfect solution. However, with so many residential cleaning services in the GTA, it can be hard to know who to hire. Cleaning services vary from individuals to global cleaning companies, and everything in between. Here, we provide the 11 essential questions you need to ask when considering residential cleaning services for your home.

A few key questions to ask when looking for residential cleaning services

1. How much do you charge?

Each company or individual will have their own rates. Some offer packages, some charge by the hour, and some charge by the square foot. In hand with their fees, you also want to understand if they include a certain amount of cleaning tasks they will complete, or if they only do what they can in the time allotted. You want to understand exactly how much the company charges and what this includes to ensure your expectations are met.

2. Who will be cleaning my home?

This is important because many companies have contract workers, or actually contract their work out to other cleaning companies if they become too busy. You want to know that the people in your home have passed some sort of screening including a background check. As well, the cleaners’ experience is something to discuss, as cleaning is a skill and not a job just anyone can do.

3. Are you insured and bonded?

If you hire an individual to perform your residential cleaning services, it is very important to make sure they are insured and bonded, with proof of this. Cleaning companies should also provide proof of insurance and that they hire bonded cleaners. You also want them to have workers’ compensation to cover any costs associated with injuries that occur in your home.

Most homeowners don’t realize that if an accident occurs in their home and the cleaner is not insured, they could be liable for damages. If you rent your home, chances are that your insurance (if you have any) won’t cover damages.

4. Who supplies the equipment and cleaning products?

Often, individual cleaners expect you to provide the cleaning supplies and equipment. It is also not uncommon for some cleaning companies to do the same. Part of the reason you are hiring a residential cleaning service, however, is so you don’t have to worry about these details. Therefore, make sure your cleaners are fully equipped to manage the job, without the need for you to contribute to their supplies.

5. What types of cleaning solutions do you use?

Many cleaning solutions leave behind dangerous toxins that you can breathe in or transfer to food or your mouth. If you have kids and pets, it is even more dangerous. Asking what types of cleaning solutions are used ensures there aren’t any products you feel are unsuitable for your home. You can even ask if eco-friendly products are available, or in the case where you are more concerned about germs, if they have deep cleaning solutions available.

6. Do you guarantee your work?

Good cleaning companies are proud of their work and offer a satisfaction guarantee. Their reputation depends on satisfied clients, and they’ll do everything possible to make sure their customers are happy with their work. Make sure you understand what steps the company takes if they miss something or you are unhappy with their cleaning.

7. Do I have to be home?

In most cases, you won’t have to be home when the cleaners arrive. Make sure you understand the set up and how they will access your home. It is actually often better to be out because it allows them to do their cleaning without having to work around you! It also frees up your schedule so they can come any time.

8. Do you work with pets at home?

Cleaners are used to working with pets, but you need to consider not just the safety of your pet, but also the cleaners. If you have a particularly aggressive or even friendly pet, it can be difficult for some cleaners. Make sure you understand how pets are dealt with, and what your cleaners recommend while they are there. If you know that your pet is nervous around strangers, or loud equipment like vacuums, you might want to make arrangements to take them out for a walk or visit friends.

9. Do you have a quality assurance process?

Along with the guarantee, it’s nice to know the cleaning team uses a process to ensure each job is completed perfectly. Whether they use a checklist, leave a little note confirming the job is complete, or have spot checks by supervisors, quality assurance processes help keep the quality of work consistent and up to snuff.

10. How do you keep my home secure?

Once the job is complete, the cleaning company needs to have a process to keep your home secure. Depending on the types of locks and security you have at home, the cleaners need to lock up, set alarms, etc. to reduce risk for break-ins. They should have strict guidelines about key management, and protocols such as cleaners not opening back doors or windows while they work. This reduces the risk of leaving your home vulnerable.

11. What if something breaks?

Professional cleaners are very careful when working in your home. However, accidents do happen. Be sure to ask what process they use if something is broken during the cleaning process. How are you notified? How are repairs or replacements managed? What if it is something that is not replaceable such as a family heirloom or antique? As mentioned in point #3, you should only be working with an insured cleaner, so your losses are covered. Still, you want to know how you will be compensated before entrusting your home to the cleaning company.

You should also feel free to ask any questions that are specific to your needs. This might include concerns about someone with mobility issues who might be at home, allergies you might have to certain cleaning products or fragrances, concerns about security, etc. By asking these questions and anything else that comes to mind, you can feel safer knowing that you have hired the right company to handle your residential cleaning services.

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How to Vet Different Apartment Cleaning Services

If you’ve decided that keeping your apartment clean has become too much trouble, it’s time to consider hiring an apartment cleaning service. However, this can be a tricky proposition if you don’t have a cleaning company in mind. Cleaning companies are a dime a dozen in the GTA, which can make it difficult to know who to trust. When it’s time to finally call in the pros, though, use the following tips to vet different apartment cleaning services to find the right team for the job.

How to choose a cleaning service for your apartment?

Start With Referrals or Reviews

Asking around is the best place to start. This way, you’ll hear from people you trust and can narrow down your search. If you don’t find any referrals, you can turn to olnine reviews.

Keep in mind that it’s impossible to please everyone, so even if you read a few bad reviews, but the majority are positive and the star rating is high, you can feel pretty confident the company can be trusted. A company with solid positive reviews might seem like the best choice, but it often could mean something is amok. Since no one is perfect, it may be that the reviews are not honest, which could mean the company can’t be trusted.

Check Credentials

Only consider apartment cleaning services with fully bonded and insured workers. If something is broken or goes missing, or someone is injured while cleaning your apartment, you limit your losses. If you don’t see anything about bonding, certifications, or insurance on their website, then make sure you ask for proof. If they don’t have it, they aren’t the company for you.

Experience and Testimonials

While it’s always a nice thought to give the little guy a chance, when it comes to cleaning services, experience counts. Check for things like accreditations, awards, and testimonials that support the story the cleaning company’s website tells. Reputation is a big part of a cleaning company’s abilities, and testimonials and awards speak volumes about their capabilities. As well, memberships with creditable associations show the company is committed to excellence, and view their role as a cleaning company as a professional service they take seriously.

The Right Services

Make sure the cleaning company offers the right types of services for your needs. In some cases, they might be offering too many things you don’t want to have to pay for, while in others they don’t do enough. You can also look for companies that can customize their services to meet your needs if their packages don’t quite line up with your expectations.

Standing Behind Their Work

This is very important. While insurance takes care of things like breakage or damage, a guarantee that stands behind the cleaning services provided ensures the cleaning is handled to your satisfaction.

What process does the company offer to manage issues when you aren’t happy, or something is missed? How quickly will they respond and make things right?

You don’t want to deal with a company that doesn’t offer a satisfaction guarantee. This means they don’t stand behind their work and don’t feel they need to make amends if customers aren’t happy.

The Cleaning Team

You might be surprised to find that many cleaning companies actually contract their work out to other cleaning companies. You, however, want a cleaning company with their own cleaning team. This is very important because it means they take the time to vet their hires, train them, and know who they are sending into your home. If you don’t see anything on their website about their team, then make sure to ask.

You want to make sure they have their own full-time cleaners with experience and training to provide a thorough cleaning that is supervised and standardized to a high level of service. A good cleaning company is very careful with their hiring process, and ensures every reference is checked, a background check is run, and that each person receives the same training.

The Right Tools and Cleaning Products

Smaller cleaning companies often require you to provide cleaning supplies and tools. This is never a good idea, as you want to know the right tools and products are being used to get a professional level of cleanliness. You also want to understand the types of cleaning solutions used.

Are they safe for pets and kids? Do they leave behind a residue or odour? Are they toxic if not rinsed properly? Do they use different cleaners in the kitchen (where food is prepared) than they do in the bathroom?

Make sure you ask these questions before hiring a cleaning service. Also, you might actually prefer them to use your own mops or cleaning solutions. Some people feel this is safer. Speak to your cleaner about this if it is important, and see if they are willing to work with you on your terms.

Cancellation Fees

Keeping in mind that the time scheduled for your cleaning services is how the cleaning company makes a living, be sure to ask if they charge a cancellation fee. If you cancel at the last minute, this leaves the team without work for that time period, as well as without pay. Some companies might charge a fee for last-minute cancellations to cover their costs. If you tend to have a less-than-reliable schedule, this becomes more of an issue.

Consider the First Cleaning Job

One of the things many people forget to do when vetting a cleaning service is to consider the first cleaning job. Once you schedule a cleaner, don’t just settle on them as the right company for the job. Look at their work and make sure it meets or exceeds your expectations. There is no point in paying a company to perform a service that doesn’t provide what you need.

If things aren’t up to your standards, contact them right away and let them know. A good cleaning service will be quick to make things right, and will know what to do the next time they come into your home. Consider all aspects of the job, including if they show up at the scheduled time, that they are courteous, and that you know right away your apartment has been cleaned as soon as you walk in the door.

If you are ready to hire apartment cleaning services, the Maid4Condo team specializes in condos and apartments. Speak to our team today by calling us at 647-822-0601.