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Can You Afford a Cleaning Service?

Can You Afford a Cleaning Service?
February 27, 2019

Maid services aren’t just for wealthy individuals who don’t feel like cleaning their home. In fact, hiring a professional cleaner is quite affordable, and cleaning professionals are much more effective than the average individual who is rushing through the task. For working parents or young professionals who spend all of their time out of the house, a cleaning service could be the perfect option when you simply don’t have time to clean your home. Most cleaning companies offer a variety of different cleaning plans that can be customized to suit your cleaning needs. If you find yourself rushing to get through basic cleaning tasks simply because you don’t have the time, consider hiring a cleaning service.

Can You Afford a Cleaning Service?

Better Quality

Many people simply don’t know how to properly clean their home, or they don’t have the time to do a thorough job. Unfortunately, not cleaning your kitchen or bathroom with the proper cleaners and a healthy amount of elbow-grease can cause bacteria to remain even if the space looks clean. For the health of your family, it is important to thoroughly clean these areas with proper anti-bacterial soaps and other cleaners. A professional cleaner is equipped with all of the necessary tools and cleansers, and will even use your own cleaners if you have a preference for a specific brand or organic ingredients.

Custom Cleaning Plans

It’s frustrating to have to pay for something you don’t need, so make sure to find a cleaner that can make you a custom cleaning plan, one that is tailored to your unique cleaning needs. Discuss with the cleaning company if they can give you a rate based on a variety of factors, including the size of your space, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the intensity of the cleaning plan — a basic or “deep clean” — and the frequency of visits. This way, you can create an outline for your maid that will ensure all of your high-priority cleaning tasks are handled by a professional.

Affordable Rates & Discounts

Many people believe that cleaning services are too expensive for the average household, but many cleaners have affordable rates starting as low as $70 for one-off cleans. A basic clean will cover every room in your house and is often a great option for weekly or monthly customers. You can often get discounted rates if you book in bulk, too.

Valuing Time vs. Money

Although paying for cleaning services may feel like an extravagance, it is simply about valuing your time over your money. If the average cleaning tasks around your house take you a few hours per week, this is time you can’t spend with your friends, family, or taking care of yourself. Working long hours can make it difficult to address your own cleaning needs, and the small expense may be worth it to earn yourself a few extra hours of freedom each week. For about the price of a cup of coffee each day, you can get a monthly basic clean to ensure your apartment, condo, or house looks neat and tidy.

Questions to Ask Yourself

If you’re still on the fence about hiring a cleaning service, ask yourself some of these key questions:

  • Do you enjoy spending your time cleaning?
  • What could you be doing with the time you save from not having to clean?
  • In what ways would you be able to improve your life if you had more free time?
  • Between your work and personal life, how much time do you have to yourself each week?

Answering these questions truthfully can help you determine whether it’s truly worth it to hire a professional cleaner. Some people genuinely enjoy cleaning their home, while others dread the weekly task. Once you’ve really taken a look at what’s important to you and where you’d like to be spending your time — not just where you have to — you’ll have a much better idea about whether you’d like to opt for a cleaning service.

Look at Your Budget

There are always ways to make room in your budget for something that will save you a few extra hours per week. Simply bringing your own coffee to work instead of buying one on your commute can save you enough for a monthly Deep Clean. Consider hosting a potluck or games night for your friends instead of going out for dinner and drinks at a restaurant. After all, your home will be sparkling clean, and you will save enough by staying in that you will offset the cost of the cleaning service.

For those who value their time and would rather spend a few dollars on cleaning tasks than a few hours, professional cleaning services are the perfect alternative. If you value your free time, outsource their cleaning needs to a team of professional cleaners who can be trusted to deliver a high-quality cleaning service.

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