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Best Ways to Clean Sofa Stains

Best Ways to Clean Sofa Stains
January 13, 2020

There’s been a revival in cloth-covered sofas over the past few years, with leather and wood fizzling in and out. While the cloth look provides plenty of options for colour, pattern, and texture, it also opens doors to stains. The porous material of most cloth couches shows marks and are difficult to wipe clean.

At Maid4Condos we deal with plenty of tricky fabrics. From carpets to linens and of course, couches, we know what it takes to tackle a sofa stain and best clean those hard to manage fabrics.

To help our clients better manage their cloth couches, we’ve compiled a list of tips for removing those nasty sofa stains. Here’s what you should know.

Best Ways to Clean Sofa Stains

Follow the Symbols on the Tag

Just like articles of clothing, cloth-covered furniture comes with a tag which should tell you the cleaning requirements. The types of materials used, along with brief instructions should be visible. This should include an abbreviated instruction of W, S, WS, or X. The first two indicate water or solvent-based cleaners, the third a combination, and the last vacuuming only.

Check the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Before you begin wiping, rubbing, or adding any cleaning solution to fabric, it’s best to check with the manufacturer. Depending on the sofa stain, clean best by knowing which cleaners to steer clear of and which are safe to use on your furniture.

The manufacturer’s instructions should supply you with a list of dos and don’ts for products and methods. Some furniture shops provide customers with instructions on how to maintain their new product. This might include washing and stain removal options.

Preparing for a Sofa Cleaning

As you prepare to remove stains or give your sofa a thorough cleaning, you should gather the appropriate tools. We recommend:

  • Distilled water and white vinegar
  • A water receptacle
  • microfibre cloths
  • Dish soap
  • Upholstery attachment and vacuum
  • Steam cleaner

Once everything is ready to use, your first task is removing dust and debris from the couch, so it doesn’t get rubbed in during the cleaning process. The upholstery attachment on your vacuum will help remove crumbs, dust, dirt, lint, and anything else inside your sofa. Then, you’re ready to clean.

Spot Cleaning and Stain Removal

The first rule of spot cleaning is never spray anything directly on your sofa. Instead, you want to dampen your microfibre cloth with the water or solution you use and apply it to the stain a little bit at a time.

We recommend starting with a solution of 1 cup of distilled water, ½ tablespoon of white vinegar and ½ tablespoon of dish soap in a spray bottle. Shake well to thoroughly mix and wait for the foam to subside. Now, spray a small amount onto your cloth and dab the stain.

There is a natural urge to rub when we clean. This comes from the scrubbing motion we make to take dirt and grime of hard surfaces. Unfortunately, with cloth furniture, rubbing a stain causes it to spread, bleed, and sometimes damages the fibres in the material of the sofa. Therefore, dabbing and botting is preferred.

Check if it’s Machine Washable

You may not realize that a washing machine is an option, but many couch cushions have removable covers. Unless your couch is a continual piece of fabric, your seat cushions and backrest cushions may have washable cases. If so, it’s a simple task of removing the stained case, applying stain remover, and tossing it in the wash.

Again, never wash your sofa upholstery before reading the washing instructions. These will specify whether the cushion covers are dry clean only, if you can use detergent, or if they should only be washed in hot or cold water. Some may be eligible for a spin-dry, while others should be laid flat to dry.

A Deep Steam for Lasting Freshness

Whether your sofa is stained or not, a deep steam clean will remove odours and freshen fabric for months. Get rid of excess dust and buildup and bring back that new couch smell and feel. Steam cleaning uses water and heat to naturally kill bacteria. It does require that your couch have the “W” or “WS” abbreviation on its cleaning tag, as steam cleaners use water.

Every steam cleaning device has its own set of instructions for use. It’s important to follow these carefully, especially regarding the amount of water, or cleaning solution allowed in the device. It’s also crucial that you use caution as you work with a steamer. The heat in the steam released from these machines is hot enough to burn you.

As with any other sofa stain, clean best by beginning with a thorough vacuuming and stain removal. As you steam, remember to remove couch cushions and steam each individual piece of fabric. If you own a dehumidifier or fan, it helps to turn these on to maximize drying speed.

Call a Maid Service

Finally, if at first you don’t succeed, or you simply haven’t the time to spend cleaning your sofa – call in the reinforcements. Maid4Condos are well-versed in all things stain removal. From mud to blood, we can get it out. It all comes down to the right combination of cleaner and elbow grease.

To learn more about how to properly clean your couch, call Maid4Condos at 1-647-822-0601 or contact us here.

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