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How to Always Keep Your Condos Clean and Neat

How to Always Keep Your Condos Clean and Neat
April 24, 2019

Living in a condo can reduce the space you need to clean. However, it can also provide a perfect space for clutter to build up and messes to become far more noticeable since they are so concentrated. Condo cleaning doesn’t have to be too time-consuming if you know how to keep things tidy. From minimizing your belongings to having daily cleaning rituals that are habit forming, you can spend more time relaxing and less time cleaning. Here are our top tips to always keep your condo clean and neat.

How to Always Keep Your Condos Clean and Neat

Minimize Belongings

Marie Kondo (no pun intended) has become famous for her “If it brings you joy, keep it” mantra. The smaller your living space, the less useful this mantra becomes. The more belongings you have in your home, the more things pile up and the more things you need to keep neat. It is difficult enough keeping a small, open space clean, without contending with overcrowding by junk. After all, the more things you have, the more you have to clean up.

The most important rule of keeping any space clean is to minimize belongings. It is simple to get there. Ideally, you can allot a weekend to go through your belongings and sort them into piles based on what brings you joy (or, more realistically, what you need and use regularly), things of value that can be given away, and things that can be tossed. You can choose to sell the items that are still of value or give them to charity. If doing it all at once seems too big a job, no problem. Just do it room by room, but remain committed to getting it done ASAP.

Update Your Storage

Now that you have minimized your belongings, you are in a better position to determine how you can update your storage. Look for creative ideas that will be both functional and attractive: interesting baskets, coffee tables that provide double duty such as trunks, a bench in the entry that offers storage for outerwear and shoes, etc. Anything that is covered can have labels, so it is easier to find. Other excellent storage options for small spaces include shelving to take advantage of wall space and door hanging units for items such as shoes, bathroom items, kitchen pantry items, etc.

Keep Things Tidy

The best way to keep your condo clean is to keep things tidy as you go. Try to make a habit of these tidying tips:

    • If you use something, put it away once you are finished with it.
    • Keep cleaning wipes in your bathroom(s) and wipe the sink and counter after brushing your teeth, or when you notice a mess.
    • Buy a no-scrub shower spray product for the bathroom and give the shower a quick spray after each shower to minimize soap scum and mildew build up.
    • Keep cleaning wipes on the kitchenware counter so you can wipe up messes while preparing meals.
    • Use the self-cleaning feature on your oven monthly to keep it clean (if you’ve got one).
    • Sort papers, such as flyers, newspapers, and mail, as you read them using your recycle bin for garbage, instead of allowing them to pile up.
    • Sweep and/or Swiffer the kitchen floors everyday.
    • Put dirty laundry in the laundry basket, or hang clothes you plan to wear again.
    • Vacuum the living room while you binge watch your favourite show.

All of these tips keep things tidy so you never have to contend with one overwhelming cleaning day that will take hours. This tends to be put off, which is why your condo is always a mess!

Organize Cleaning Products

Keep your condo cleaning tools and products in one space so that on a major cleaning day you can just grab what you need and get to work. If your space does not allow for this, store the appropriate cleaning products in each room, such as kitchen cleaners under the sink, and bathroom cleaners in the vanity, and then keep general tools such as a vacuum or broom hung in a hall closet.

Use the Right Product for the Job

Make sure you are buying the right cleaning products to handle the job at hand. For example, you might find an all-in-one cleaner, but it might not work so well on windows which can become streaky. Also, look for condo cleaning products that can add a fresh scent to your home as it is uplifting and keeps things looking and smelling fresh. Choose products with disinfectants for the kitchen and bathroom to minimize germs and bacteria.

Have a Cleaning Schedule

Keeping things tidy will minimize having to do a major cleaning at one time. However, there are some jobs you might want to mark on your calendar so they don’t get overlooked, including:

      • Bed: Change linens twice a week as dirty linens can cause skin issues including acne. When your linens are in the laundry, run a vacuum over the mattress to collect dust mites and under the bed to clear away dust bunnies, two culprits that can cause allergies.
      • Kitchen: Once a month you should inspect your fridge and pantry to look for food that is past its due date. Clean out anything that is old and then clean up any spills or messes that might have occurred. You can also take note of any staples you might be missing and add them to your grocery list.
      • Shelving and Surfaces: To lessen dust in the home, do a thorough dusting of all shelving and surfaces every two months (or monthly if you are so inclined). This should include wiping down knick knacks (unless you decided to toss them all during your minimizing exercise), books, etc. You should also pay close attention to your air conditioning vents on the wall as these tend to be dust magnets.
      • Annual Declutter: Yes, it’s painful, but once a year you should declutter. Go through the same steps you did for your minimizing exercise to help avoid your junk and belongings from building up again.

These tips can help you keep your condo clean. If you are too busy to worry about cleaning, or just hate it, give Maid4Condos a call for a professional clean you’ll love at 647-822-0601.

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