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All About August - Events, Activities And More

All About August – Take Advantage of What’s Left Of Summer!
August 23, 2017

All About August
Facts, suggestions and tips for August.

#August is Upon Us

Here we are again. That strange time when everybody knows, but nobody wants to admit that summer is coming to an end. Now that we’ve acknowledged it, let’s talk. Are you a summer lover or a summer hater? Have you been making the most of August? Check out some fun reads and suggestions below while you still have time! I know it’s sunny outside, but calenders don’t lie.

Are You a Summer Lover & Hater?

While the majority of us are sad for summer to be ending, for reasons for warmth and optimism, others will be sad for a different reason. People’s lives often change in the summer months, whether it’s working, travelling, spending more time with family and friends…We tend to find ourselves in new situations. Which seems to open the door for summer flings.

All About August - Grease Picture

The summer romance has become a staple of western culture, being used as the premise for countless musicals, like Grease, Dirty Dancing and Mama Mia. Alas, as many of these movies predict- the romance must end. Not all the time, but a good majority of it. So let’s mourn the relationships of those lucky lovers of summer 2017! But, as the wounded grapple with their heartache, summer haters around the globe rejoice gloomy days to come.


Summer Haters

Who are these people, affectionately referred to as ‘summer haters’? The majority of human beings get depressed by gloomy and cold winter weather. ‘Summer haters’ on the other hand experience the exact opposite, getting depressed by blue skies, excessive sunlight and hot temperatures! It’s hard to wrap your head around…winter and depression go hand in hand, life is dead- and frozen. It’s depressing. The winter blues has a clinical term- “seasonal affective disorder”. As you could guess, the disorder is triggered by lack of sunlight, shorter days and changing biological clocks, leading to depression in the winter months.

All About August - Man On Park Bench

So what is summer depression all about? Well, at the end of the day it’s really just seasonal affective order in reverse. That is why it is called ‘reverse seasonal affective disorder’. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, RSAD affects less than one-tenth of all SAD patients. Summer and depression just don’t seem to click, but hey who are we to judge. Finding joy in winter and snow doesn’t sound all that crazy. Actually, people who live in places that are prone to warmer summer are more likely to be affected by either kind of SAD.

Experiencing the changing of seasons is healthy. Having a physical reminder of the passage of time may help you grow and have a better grasp on your goals. Life is all about change, so living in a stagnant climate could have a negative effect on your psyche. But everyone is different, so try new things to see what environment is best for you.

Make the Most of August!

All About August - Summer Lady with Shades

Need a little cheering up? There are plenty of things that you can still do before summer has it’s last call. Let yourself make the most of August by embracing nature, friends, the city, and pumpkins!? Consider these suggestions to make the rest of August as memorable as possible!

Go to a trail:

All About August - Park Wooden Path

Toronto has some amazing trails that you might not have taken advantage of yet. Trails can be a simple and satisfying way to take in beautiful day. Spending time in nature is a great outing for singles, couples and families. When the air is thick with humidity and life is buzzing around you as toddlers wheel by on tricycles and couples ride nonchalantly on bikes- you know you’re in heaven! Check out blogTO’s list of Top 10 Walking Trails in Toronto. It’s time to take out that bike or those roller blades you’ve been staring at all season and get going!


All About August - Summer BBQ cooking
You can barbeque in the winter, sure. But it’s infinitely better when it’s nice out. Invite some friends over, or find a friend who has a barbeque that is willing host. If you want to be really adventurous, you could go to a park that has barbeques for the public to use! All you have to do is bring the coals. Plus there are so many delicious summery barbequing ideas out there. Check out this grilled lemon and salmon recipe from Betty Crocker to start!

The Tourist Trick:

All About August - Tourist Looking At Map

How many times have you been to a different city and realized that it actually wasn’t all that different from your own? Most cities are alike in principle, but the real differences start to show when you remain extremely present, and allow the city to steer you. Why not experience your city with the awe that you experience for others? Take off your personal lens and see city through new eyes. You can even pretend you’re in a different place, if that makes it easier! Go check out that cool restaurant you always pass by but never go to, be open to conversations with everyone and let the city take you where it may! Toronto is amazing in the summer, so take advantage while you still can. If you want to go full tourist, you might think about getting a CityPASS– it’s what the tourists get to save money on all the big attractions. The ones that you’ve probably never been to in years- like the CN tower.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes:

All About August - Man Eating a Pumpkin

Okay, I had to sneak this one in. If you haven’t heard, Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte is coming early this year! Maybe we should thank them for making this transition smoother…. Although it is going to be hard enjoying the last days of August when your Latte makes you think of halloween. That delicious espresso with undertones of nutmeg and cinnamon…the overtone of steamed milk….is coming on August 25th and that’s all we need to know.

It’s fun to get carried away by the festivities and traditions of summer. However you should also consider using this time for inner reflection on your life. There’s something about summer that makes it easier to relax, recharge and re-evaluate everything that’s going on. So check in with yourself to see how you’re doing. Where do you want to be in the future? What changes do you have to make to get there? Enjoy some quiet reflection because things might get hectic in September.

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