Swaara Heli | Maid4condos

Our Team

Swaara Heli
, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Co-founding Maid4Condos has been a journey that has allowed me to foster the fast-paced lifestyle I have always craved. Maid4Condos has challenged and taught me in ways that have helped me grow as a leader and a person.

It’s difficult for me to put 100% into something I am not passionate about. With a Masters degree in communications and marketing, I was yearning for something I could really sink my teeth into. As Patrick and I began discussing launching this business, I could feel the butterflies. Now with many years in the business, and making a difference in people’s lives still hasn’t gotten old! In fact, I thrive on it. Co-founding this company with my husband proves to be continuously rewarding, challenging, and teaches us something new every day.


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