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8 Ways to Keep Your Dog from Tracking Dirt into Your Condo

8 Ways to Keep Your Dog from Tracking Dirt into Your Condo
July 8, 2019

There’s a lot of love for our furry companions, but you can’t deny that owning a dog can be messy. It’s hard to keep a clean home when you constantly have to clean up after your dog when they run in and drag a whole lot of dirt from outside, leaving paw prints everywhere. And that’s already on top of all the shedding and funky smells that call for constant grooming.

8 Ways to Keep Your Dog from Tracking Dirt into Your Condo

Can’t keep your dog from tracking dirt into your condo? Here’s a complete guide to keeping your home spotless, without cutting short your pet’s outdoor playtime:

1. Get rid of carpets

Carpets give your condo that plush, comfy feeling, but the fact is, they’re not a dog’s best friend. If you can’t give up the carpet just yet, you can start small by keeping the entrance hallway carpet-free. The entryway is where we all bring the most dirt in — dogs and humans alike — especially if you’re in the habit of keeping shoes there or shaking them loose of mud and dirt on the way in.

With a carpet, it’s harder to clean off loose dirt and remove mud stains, including your dog’s paw prints. Instead of a carpeted hallway, opt for linoleum or hard floors as these are easier to clean and polish. Alternatively, you can also use the back door to take your pet in and out to avoid tracking dirt.

2. Trim their fur

Who can resist an adorable fluffy dog? That’s right — no one! But your dog’s feathered legs and paws might just be the culprit behind your cleaning nightmares; any pet owners knows all too well how quickly pet hair can accumulate in your home. Dirt and mud can easily cling onto their fur, which then makes its way inside your home before you can even finish cleaning. The solution? Make sure to trim their fur regularly to avoid them from tracking too much dirt and debris. But don’t go overboard and remove all the fur on the pads of their paws — they still need protection from the elements, especially if they’re out walking and playing in cold weather.

3. Keep a towel by the door

Add to keeping a clear hallway, you can also keep a soft, absorbent towel by the door to clean your dog’s paws when coming in. Before coming in, you can wipe their paws and legs using the towel to remove any dirt or mud. This keeps the rest of your condo clean for long and saves you the hassle of running after your pet to keep them from muddying the rest of your home after playtime or walks.

4. Use an absorbent door mat

A doormat is one of the best and easiest ways to keep the rest of your condo clean and prevent anyone, including your furry friends, from tracking in dirt and mud. Place an absorbent doormat by the main door so your dog can wipe their paws on it and reduce the amount of dirt they bring in. Depending on where you live and what breed your dog is, you can select a doormat with a texture that is anywhere from absorbent to brush-like. For instance, absorbent doormats are great for drying their paws and removing wet mud, while a brush-like mat can remove thick, hardened mud.

5. Clean your dog’s paws

Even with a doormat and a towel at the ready, there are times when you still need to wash your dog’s paws after long outdoor walks and playtime. Keep a bowl of warm water by the door to wash their paws with, and make this a habit every time you enter your home. Over time, your dog will also get used to having their paws washed, so it’s easier to keep your condo spotless and feeling fresh.

Just a quick note — make sure that the water is warm and comfortable so it won’t be hard to get them to wash their paws. Make sure to dry their paws afterwards, especially if their fur is thick or long, to prevent them from further tracking dirt around, and getting floors and furniture wet in the process.

6. Use paw wipes

Just like their humans, dogs need a good amount of fresh air and time spent running around outdoors. But cutting their outdoor playtime to prevent them from tracking in dirt or keeping them indoors altogether isn’t the answer.

Have you ever heard of paw wipes? They might just be your dog’s — and your newly polished floors’ — best friend! Much like regular baby wipes, paw wipes are cleansing and easily disposable, making them a must-have for every pet owner who likes venturing with their dogs outside, but hates the messy trail of paw prints and muck that their furry companions tend to track back home.

7. Dress up your dog in booties

Dog booties aren’t just designed to dress up your dog and make them look even cuter; they actually serve a real function that you’ll be very thankful to learn. For small dogs especially, booties are a must-have in the colder months when the ground is perpetually damp and muddy, making it much easier for them to track dirt and mud into your condo.

With booties, your furry friend won’t just be the star of the block for the extra dose of cuteness — you can also guarantee that their paws remain clean and dry. So you can go for a walk and breathe in the chilly fresh air — you won’t have to worry about your pet’s feet getting cold, wet, and dirty.

8. Wax their pads

Much like lotion for dry skin, your dog’s paws need some TLC that goes beyond their regular grooming routine. Since they’re on their feet a lot throughout the day, it’s important to care for their paws and protect the pads from walking on gravel and hard surfaces all day. Paw wax prevents your dog’s paws from cracking and drying. As a bonus, it also provides traction and improves their grip on the ground, especially on slippery surfaces. You can even use paw wax year-round, no matter the weather, so your dog’s feet are protected even when walking on the most unpredictable surfaces.

As for keeping your home clean after a long day in the park, paw wax provides a layer of protection from mud and water, too! Paw wax is repellant to mud and water, so they’ll definitely track much less dirt back to your door.

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