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8 Tips for Removing Salt Stains From Your Front Hall

8 Tips for Removing Salt Stains From Your Front Hall
March 12, 2021

It can be hard keeping the slush, snow and salt of winter out of your front hall without using condo cleaning services. Wet boots and pets track in salt from the street that can wreak havoc with your floors and carpets. If you are sick and tired of trying to remove the mess of winter from your front hall, use these eight tips to keep things dry and salt-free.

8 tips for removing salt stains from your front hall

1. Use a “welcome mat”

If your condo allows, place a welcome mat outside your door to wipe your boots off before you walk into the home.

2. Five steps of foyer matting

In your foyer place a winter mat that provides at least five steps’ worth of space. This allows you to walk into the front hall without stepping onto your carpet, laminate or hardwood. You can then wipe your feet off before removing your boots. By wiping as much of the salt and slush residue off your shoes and boots as possible, you can reduce runoff as the snow melts.

Be sure to choose a mat designed for this purpose. These mats use a material ideal for scraping, while also offering safety underfoot with antiskid backs. They aren’t necessarily pretty but they serve the purpose. If you are ultra-sensitive about keeping your home looking snazzy, consider using an outdoor area rug that can provide a punch of colour, while also doing the job of absorbing the mess. Good outdoor area rug materials include wool, sisal, seagrass, hemp and polypropylene.

3. Use a boot tray

Next, keep a boot tray designed specifically for winter footwear right at the door. Once you wipe your feet, take your boots off and place them in the tray. Boot trays are designed with a lip – and often ridges – to help allow the snow and slush to melt and then keep the melt from running off the tray or staining your boots and shoes.

4. Use a winter rinse floor cleaner

This is a special formula that can be harder to find if you don’t use condo cleaning services. Your best bet is to check hardware stores or search online to order it. This is the only solution you can buy to target the salt stains left behind from melting snow. Be sure to choose one suitable for your floor type. The right winter rinse will break down salt deposits, without leaving behind a residue to dull floors.

5. Wipe floors often

Keep a handy floor cleaner ready at the door to wipe up any splashes right away. This helps you keep on top of the cleaning and removes salt before it can set in. Products like Swiffer can work well as you can do a quick spritz and wipe away the mess. Just be careful about the “grit” as it’s hard to spot the salty residue but it’s easy to feel it. The gritty feel can damage flooring, so if you do have hardwood or laminate, first sweep gently to remove grit and then use the Swiffer gently to avoid scratches.

6. Salt stains on matting

If you notice your mats are getting gritty and stained, you should give them a clean too, otherwise, you can track the salt into your home. Winter rinse products are usually okay for use on carpets too. However, you’ll actually need a wet/dry vacuum to use on carpeting or mats. This is a messy job and most people don’t have such a fancy cleaning machine if they live in a condo. If this is the case, be sure to at least vacuum your mats regularly to suck up any salt that might get tracked in.

7. Pet safety

If you have pets, keep in mind that salt and ice melt products can be very harmful if pets eat them. Try to find a place in your closet to keep your boot tray and shoes so there is less risk of them licking or chewing at them and getting residue into their systems. It is also equally important to keep carpets and floors as clean as possible with frequent wiping and cleaning if you have pets.

8. Professional cleaning

If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, you should arrange to have a professional cleaning once spring arrives. The salt and other ice melt products can get into the air which is not really healthy to breathe. A good cleaning will extract the residue and leave your home feeling fresh and your carpets softer and cleaner.

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