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8 Benefits of a Professional Bi-Weekly Cleaning

8 Benefits of a Professional Bi-Weekly Cleaning
September 26, 2019

When your life is busy, it can be hard to find time to unwind. Even when you do have some time to relax, if your home is a mess, it can be difficult to let your mind settle when everything around you is screaming, “clean me!”. Having a clean space is important to peace of mind. However, a clean space is also necessary to maintain overall health, as it helps reduce the number of germs and bacteria throughout your home. Although you might feel you can’t afford a professional cleaner, a bi-weekly cleaning offers an affordable way to keep your home well maintained. Here are just some of the benefits of professional bi-weekly cleaning.

Benefits of bi-weekly cleaning

1. Experienced cleaners

Experienced cleaners know how to make the most of their time in your home. When you arrange for bi-weekly cleanings, you can keep your home tidy because the cleaners will provide professional expertise using all of their trade secrets and techniques to keep your home clean. They have the right equipment and products to handle each job, so the work is done efficiently and properly for the best possible results.

2. Cleanings are scheduled

Obviously, bi-weekly cleanings mean you will have scheduled cleanings. However, the benefit to having a cleaning schedule is that you don’t have to worry about trying to arrange cleanings on the fly. Instead, you will know the day and time your cleaners will arrive and make the necessary arrangements to let them in.

3. More down time

Busy people tend to find a lot of their down time doing things they don’t enjoy. This can include laundry, yard work, grocery shopping, and cleaning. When you have bi-weekly professional cleanings scheduled, you know your down time will be more enjoyable. You can have fun, guilt-free, knowing your home is clean. Cleaning your home takes tons of time, so if you do decide to do some cleanup between your professional cleanings, it will take less time since, for the most part, your cleaners are keeping things manageable.

4. Consistency

You can make arrangements with professional cleaners to stick to a list of tasks they tend to at each appointment. They will be using the same cleaning products, going through the motions required to maintain a clean home, and you can depend on their regular arrival. If you want, you can also alternate their schedule so they can cover a longer list of tasks. When you clean on your own, you tend to deal with the things you can based on how much time you have. This means tasks such as dusting, cleaning floors, or a thorough kitchen or bathroom scrub might get missed. Over time, this makes it far harder to clean buildup.

5. Cleaning supplies are included

Although you have to pay for cleaning services, everything they do is included. You will save money on cleaning supplies, as they will bring everything they need. Your cleaners will use top quality products to clean your home, as it makes their job easier. They will also use the right tools and cleaning products for each job to get the best possible results. Especially in the case of bi-weekly cleanings, the cleaner they leave your home, the easier their job is the next time around. You can even request eco-friendly products if you prefer. The products they use will not only clean, but also disinfectant to keep your surfaces sterile and germ-free.

6. Customize your plan

Most cleaning companies offer packages to make it easier to afford the service, while also covering the most common cleaning jobs families require. However, different homes have different needs. For example, you might prefer to make your own bed and pick up your own dirty clothes, while other families might want this added to the list. You might not have a staircase to be dusted, while another family will. You can discuss your needs with your cleaning company to make sure your particular cleaning needs are met. You provide a checklist and they complete the work.

7. Teach your kids cleaning habits

Although it might seem having cleaners is not the best way to teach your kids cleaning habits, it shows them the importance of keeping the home neat and tidy. Bi-weekly cleanings keep things more manageable for you in between cleanings, and you can make sure the kids help out with the cleaning duties when the cleaners are not scheduled. This includes daily things such as doing the dishes, making their beds, cleaning up their toys, and even setting and clearing the table.

8. A clean home!

A clean home is by far the best thing about having bi-weekly cleanings. You can come home without the worry of finding a mess. You will know your home is germ-free and when someone drops by unexpectedly, you won’t be embarrassed to ask them in for tea.

Although some people feel guilty about hiring professional cleaners, bi-weekly cleanings simply provide you with assistance to maintain your home. However, you can still continue to contribute to the cleanings, so there is no need to feel guilty. As well, you work hard and cleaners are there to do a job as well. They appreciate the work and take pride in what they do, which is helping families maintain a clean home.

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