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7 Reasons to do a Post-Summer Deep Clean

7 Reasons to do a Post-Summer Deep Clean
September 12, 2019

As summer winds down, the days get shorter, the breezes get chillier, and it won’t be long before the fall has arrived. We all love the summer, but it brings its own list of challenges when it comes to keeping your home or condo clean. When the kids head back to school (whether you’ve got some of your own or not), it can be your cue to get started on your post-summer deep clean. We all ramp up our cleaning with the arrival of spring; however, the fall is often ignored. The summer months can not only track in a lot more dirt into your home but also provide a new list of cleaning tasks often best left to the professionals. Here are seven reasons you need to do a post-summer deep cleaning in the fall.

Benefits of post-summer deep clean

1. Outdoor furniture should be cleaned and stored

If you have a balcony, patio, or backyard with patio furniture, you’ll need to prepare your furniture for storage. Even if you keep these items outside, they’ll need a thorough wipe down and should be covered to protect them from the harsh winter to come. A deep clean will remove remnants of barbecues, spilled drinks, and dirt buildup that can eat away at the finish of your furniture. You should then either bring them inside if storage space allows or protect them with tarps or furniture covers, so they are ready to use when summer returns. This makes your spring setup easier as well!

2. Summer brings more dust and debris indoors

Unless it is sweltering outside, we tend to open our windows and patio doors more often in the summer. It’s always nice to let in some fresh air when you can. However, open windows also mean more dirt and pollutants can be brought into your home, including pesky allergy-causing pollen. Some people might open their patio doors when going outside. However, it still means you are opening your doors more often, allowing more dirt to come indoors. For this reason, you want to do a thorough vacuuming of furniture and dusting of all the other surfaces in your home. Otherwise, all of this dirt will be trapped in your home all winter long.

A deep cleaning will address dust buildup in hard-to-reach places like the ceilings, baseboards, behind the TVs, etc. You will breathe easier knowing all of the dust and allergens have been removed.

3. More tracked-in dirt

Trips to the beach, biking, camping, and hiking all tend to keep you more active in the great outdoors in the summer. This means you are tracking in more dirt on your shoes, clothes, and pets! Even if you are pretty good at regular vacuuming, this additional dirt tends to hang around without a thorough cleaning. The debris and dirt can stick to your furniture, get caught in your carpeting, and continue to be tracked through your home from your doormats. A thorough cleaning will reduce the debris so you are not tracking it from room to room all winter long.

4. Summer decluttering

Summer tends to come with a lot more “stuff.” This can include plastic dinnerware for eating outside, swimming and beach toys, garden tools, sunhats and towels, etc. All of this stuff can create clutter in your home. You should look at all of the stuff you can store for the winter to reduce the mess factor in your home. This also makes more room for all those winter items like boots, shovels, and boot trays.

A professional house cleaning will keep your home looking neater, so you don’t feel too shut in when the cold weather arrives. Things will be organized so you can hunker in for the duration of winter feeling safe, clean, and cozy instead of claustrophobic. This can help to keep the winter blues at bay.

5. Your home gets shut up in the winter

Once you are back to winter living, you’ll remember what it’s like to be in a sealed environment. When the temperatures drop, you’ll appreciate having a dust-free, cleaner environment. Most people keep their windows shut tight in the winter, which means you’ll be breathing in the stale air that summer left behind. Knowing you’ve done everything you can to keep things dust-free and clean will make it less stuffy!

6. Winter linens and pillowcases

The winter calls for warmer bed linens. You can have your bed stripped, mattress vacuumed, and all of your summer bed linens cleaned and stored for the spring. You can then bring out all of your flannel and warmer comforters so you are ready to snuggle up in the fall.

7. Pack away summer clothes

Having someone to help wash, fold, sort, and store your summer clothes is a blessing. This takes a lot of time and effort. Getting everything organized is even more important if you live in a smaller space with limited storage. You can create a storage plan that allows you to swap out your seasonal clothes, so you have one place for the current season, and another place for the clothes you no longer need. Then, you can just reverse everything with the change of the seasons to save time and effort.

Although it is always hard to say goodbye to the lazy, hazy days of summer, it is the perfect time to arrange for a deep, professional cleaning. These are just some of the reasons you should arrange for a deep, summer wind down clean up. You will rid your home of all that additional dust, debris, and pollen in order to get more organized and be prepared for the colder weather.

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