4 TLC Tips for Any Winter House Plant - Toronto House Cleaning Service

4 TLC Tips for Any Winter House Plant

4 TLC Tips for Any Winter House Plant – Toronto House Cleaning Service
December 18, 2017

4 TLC Tips for Any Winter House Plant – Toronto House Cleaning Service


When the temperature drops, it’s time to adjust your indoor plant routine to include the 4 TLC tips for any winter houseplant. Our winter houseplants are great, because they give us that flash of nature on those bleak -17 degree days. And let’s be honest, it’s one of the only things keeping you sane this winter, so you should be taking care of it! Whether you received your plant as a gift or bought it of your own will, you should know that winter is the easiest time of year to kill a houseplant. Now that you’ve been warned, let’s move on.


4 TLC Tips for Any Winter House Plant Desk
4 TLC Tips for Any Winter House Plant Desk


Just like your body, house plants also adjust to lower light levels, dry air, shorter days and cool temps. However, instead of lolling in bed, using 5X more lip chap, and donning a faux fur coat, all plants need is for you to adjust the way you care for them. They have seasonal needs, ok? Read on to find out about the changes you should be making, and how to give your house plant a little extra TLC (tender, love & clean) this winter! If you don’t have a plant yet and are thinking of adopting one, check out our other article about the best indoor house plants for small spaces! While you’re at it, check out Blog TO’s list of top 10 stores for indoor plants in Toronto.


The 4 pillars of winter house plants happiness


The Winter Light


The winter sun goes to sleep much earlier, resulting in light levels that drop to up to 50%! Just like people, plants need light. Because there is so much less light in winter, it’s important that your indoor house plants be near a window and facing the direction that gets the most sun. For example, if your plant usually sits at a north or east facing window in the summer, you may need to move it to a south or western facing window in the winter.


4 TLC Tips for Any Winter House Plant Window
4 TLC Tips for Any Winter House Plant Window


So what does that mean for you? Well first, move your house plants as close to that sunny window as possible! If you simply don’t get enough winter light, consider getting some fluorescent bulbs to provide a little boost. Artificial light is nothing to feel bad about, in fact, fluorescent bulbs are cheaper than traditional grow lights and produce less heat, giving your plant the just the amount of light it needs! However, make sure that you give the window a good clean before setting your plant up. A clean window will transmit the clearest sunlight!


TLC Tip #1: Once you have your plants in position, give them a spin! Rotating your plants by one quarter every time you water them will ensure that all sides get some sun. With a little turn, your plant will be happy and and growing evenly this winter.


The Winter Temps


During the winter, the air in your home tends to get dry, especially when you turn up the heat. Be aware of your heating preferences and how they’ll affect your plant. While most house plants prefer temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees fahrenheit during the day, they like a cool 55-60 degrees at night. But don’t let the temp get too low, as anything lower than 50 fahrenheit can lead to problems!


4 TLC Tips for Any Winter House Plant Temp
4 TLC Tips for Any Winter House Plant Temp


As you can imagine there will come a time when you and your house plant need to exist in different temperatures. The most popular way to solve the heating conundrum is by investing in a humidifier. Even if the air is dry, you can keep the it moist with a humidifier. However, know that when the air gets super moist, you won’t need to water your plants as much. But, if you plan to go sans humidifier, check out the watering tips below!


TLC Tip #2: If you have a Cacti in your care, you may think that it naturally prefers a hot environment. But don’t forget that deserts get cold at night! Though cacti definitely appreciate the sun, they also appreciate the chill and can take more of it then the average houseplant! If you love them, let them be chilly. But you, you should layer up.


Winter: Water With Caution


Interestingly, one of the most common killers of the winter house plant is over-watering. In fact, 95% of houseplants need their soil to dry out almost entirely before being watered again. It’s important that you resist the urge to overwater, because your plant won’t dry up as quickly as it did in the summer. And therefore do not need as much water. It is particularly easy to over water succulents,  who only really need little bits of water occasionally no matter the season.


4 TLC Tips for Any Winter House Plant Cacti
4 TLC Tips for Any Winter House Plant Cacti


How will you know when your plant is thirsty? It all comes down to the moisture levels of the soil. Lucky for you, there’s an easy way to to check. Simply poke two inches below the surface with your finger (or a chopstick). Because, as the top soil dries out first, you need to get into the ‘root zone’ to find out what’s going on. Just make sure you’re checking the moisture levels on your house plant’s soil and not the kitty litter! And remember if you’re using a humidifier, the moisture will be trapped for longer, meaning even fewer watering for you!


TLC Tip #3: Plants don’t like to be dusty, so give them a bath! For a quick bath that doesn’t result in overwatering, simply wipe the leaves clean with a damp sponge. Just make sure you support the back of each leaf with your hand to avoid accidentally damaging them.


The Ultimate TLC Tip #4: Maintenance!


Nothing shows your plant you love then more than good, old fashioned tender love & clean! In terms of grooming, you can clean your plant up by pruning back their limbs. What are limbs? Well, when plants don’t get enough light they can start to grow long and spindly ‘legs’. So in the winter, practise healthy plant care by cutting off dead leaves and leggy growth.


4 TLC Tips for Any Winter House Plant Soil
4 TLC Tips for Any Winter House Plant Soil


While you’re getting to the thick of it, keep your eye for any common house plant pests. If you feel like you’re in an episode of “Desperate House Plants”, it’s time for you to take some parental action, your plants life is in your hands. But we’re sure that with a little TLC, your house plants are sure to be in tip top shape when spring rolls around!



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