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15 Simple Tricks to Eliminate Dust Like a Pro

15 Simple Tricks to Eliminate Dust Like a Pro
June 12, 2023

If you aren’t overly concerned about the dust in your home, it might help to learn that the average household accumulates about 40 pounds each year. Yuck! In fact, your home is packed with dust magnets, all contributing to that weight. 

15 simple tricks to eliminate dust like a pro

Since dust is a terrible allergen containing all kinds of debris, you might want to show your duster a little more respect and use these 15 simple tricks to eliminate dust like a pro.

1. Use microfibre technology

Microfibre technology uses a blend of polyester and nylon fibres that are split to create, you guessed it, microfibres. The tiny fibres are also positively charged, creating a dust magnet that holds onto dust as you work.

As a result, you can quickly grab all the debris without moving it around, so it takes less time to clean. It also doesn’t send the dust up into the air to fall back down moments later.

2. Use HEPA filters

If you live in a condo, you might not have access to your furnace filters. However, if you do, they should be replaced every three months to reduce the amount of dust in your home.

Additionally, always choose HEPA filters, as they are designed to collect micro-debris that tend to be the most irritating particles in dust. HEPA filters are also available for vacuums. Replace your current filters with HEPA filters, or consider investing in a vacuum with a sealed-body bag to reduce the amount of dust it releases as you work.

3. Invest in an extension duster

These dusters are hot commodities, at least in avid dusting circles! They allow you to get to those high spaces where dust lurks, such as ceiling fans, top shelves, above the fridge, and along the ceiling.

4. Work from the top down

With your handy extension duster, you can work from the top down so that you continue to remove dust as it falls. If you start below, then as you reach higher areas, you’ll just send more dust onto the surfaces you just dusted, which is frustrating!

5. Get those dust bunnies

Getting down under furniture, especially the bed, allows you to grab those dust bunnies that tend to move around a lot. An extension duster is not just great for reaching high spots, but it also gets under the bed, and reaches the middle so you can help contain the amount of dust you kick up when you walk around the house.

6. Enlist your vacuum

Vacuums are often underused, and only assigned to clean rugs. However, if you have a vacuum with attachments, put them to good use. They are designed to collect dust from soft surfaces like your furniture, cushions, lampshades, drapes, and more.

You can also use the brush attachment to vacuum other surfaces if you’re feeling lazy. Always check the bag before vacuuming to see if it is full, as full bags choke up the process and will actually shoot dust everywhere as you work.

One last tip: Turn off the agitator brush if you aren’t vacuuming carpeting so you aren’t shooting dust into the air. 

7. Vacuum or sweep more often

Since we’re on the subject of vacuums, it also helps to vacuum or sweep more often. You want to reduce the amount of dust and debris that can spread throughout the home, and the floor is a good place to start. You should vacuum weekly and tackle higher-traffic carpeted areas twice a week.

8. Clean registers

Clean your heat registers to help reduce the amount of dust in the air when your furnace or air conditioning is on. 

9. Use your dryer

If you don’t have a vacuum with attachments, you can toss items like drapes in your dryer to help reduce dust. Run them for about 20 minutes with a damp towel to attract stuff like pet hair. The hot air in the dryer shakes out loose debris. 

10. Get an air purifier

Air purifiers with trusty HEPA filters help reduce the amount of dust in your home. As a result, you can dust less frequently!

11. Have a “shoes off please” policy

Shoes should be left at the door to reduce the amount of dirt tracked into your home. All kinds of stuff are wedged into your shoes, including germs from traces of dog poop on the street. By taking off your shoes, you not only reduce dust, but also won’t have as many germs lying around. 

12. Change your sheets weekly

Make this a habit. Your sheets are packed with all kinds of debris, including hair, dead skin cells, dead dust mites, dust mite excrement, pet hair, and other things you just don’t want to think about. When you move around in bed, you can loosen the debris, which then gets into the air.

Also, even the simple act of making your bed every morning will send that debris flying. Clean sheets reduce dust and allergens, so you get a better night’s sleep and keep the amount of dust in your bedroom to a minimum. 

13. Lay down a door mat

Having a doormat provides a place to remove debris from shoe bottoms. If you live in a condo, you can place the door mat inside your door, and it will do almost as good of a job.

14. Special steps for pets

Brushing your cat daily and sticking to a dog-grooming schedule will help reduce the amount of pet hair and dander in your home. If you have allergies, it will also help control symptoms. Additionally, for cats, choose a kitty litter box with a lid to reduce the amount of dust released after your cat does its business.

15. Cut down on “tchotchkes” 

Having a lot of little collections or “tchotchkes” make dusting a nightmare. Choose larger decorative home decor items so you: a) have fewer items to dust and b) have fewer things to move to get to your shelves. Fewer tchotchkes mean less clutter, which can also help keep your mind clear and calm.

Contact the Cleaning Professionals

If these simple tricks to eliminate dust aren’t doing it for you, don’t let the dust get you down. Call the professionals at Maid4Condos to handle the dusting for you! For more information on our services, you can call us at 647-822-0601 or contact us here.

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