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15 Easy Condo Spring Cleaning Steps to Follow

15 Easy Condo Spring Cleaning Steps to Follow
April 12, 2021

Whether you just spotted your first robin or are suffering from the clocks springing forward, signs of spring are in the air. With those signs might come a sudden urge to tackle some serious cleaning in your condo. While it might seem like a daunting task, it’s something you should plan to do every spring. To make short work of a big job, here are 15 easy condo spring cleaning steps to follow.

15 easy condo spring cleaning steps to follow

1. Start with dusting

Dusting is a messy job that can send all kinds of particles into the air. The problem with this is that they have to fall down, which means if you don’t dust first, you’ll end up having to sweep or vacuum twice. A quick dusting, especially with a static duster that dirt will cling to, is the first step to every spring cleaning adventure.

2. Tackle your condo room by room

Work efficiently by tackling each room one by one. This allows you to feel a true sense of accomplishment as each room is finished. Although you could do the job by task, you won’t feel like you’re even putting a dent in the massive job ahead. This also keeps the job in bite-sized pieces so it’s not as overwhelming.

3. Clean your fridge inside and out

You can wipe down the fridge and feel a sense of cleanliness—until you open it, that is. Spring is the perfect time to clean out all the expired foods in your fridge. Tackle the job looking at expiry dates shelf by shelf, and then when the shelf is empty, you can wipe it down before putting the good stuff back in. You can also wipe down your drawers and remove things like rogue baby carrots and onion peels. Place a fresh paper towel on the drawer bottom to catch leaks or juices from bad fruit and vegetables. This makes it easier to clean up in the future.

4. Clean your trash cans

Sometimes, you have a smell in your condo that you can’t quite place. It could be coming from your trash cans. This doesn’t necessarily mean your kitchen trash either. Give each can in your condo a good scrub down to help reduce odours and also keep them more sanitary.

5. Look up and down

When dusting, make sure you look up high and down low to get every surface. Things like your baseboards, the tops of shelves, the top of the fridge, and ceiling fans are all big dust collectors. Always work from the top down so you are cleaning the dust you release as you work.

6. Consider laundering your curtains

Spring is the perfect time to consider laundering your curtains. Since you have longer daylight, you can feel a little less vulnerable because you don’t have to turn your lights on until much later. It’s harder to see into your condo with the lights off even in the day, unless of course someone uses binoculars! If you have blinds, wipe each slat down to remove dust. A microfibre cloth is ideal for this job, as it helps capture the dust as you work. Fabric sheets work well too!

7. Clean windows and mirrors

You’d be surprised at how dirty your windows can get in a year. Use a window cleaner to wipe down your windows and watch the sun shine in. Do the same to your mirrors, including decorative ones, to help them sparkle and shine.

8. Sweep obsessively

Take this time to be more obsessed with your sweeping and vacuuming. Feel free to move furniture and appliances out to get the spaces beneath that you never see or worry about. This helps ensure a deeper clean.

9. Check those “chotchkies”

Chotskies are all those little decorative pieces that can include everything from figurines to faux plants and photo frames to vases. They can not only accumulate dust, but if placed in or near your kitchen, then can even get a grimy coating. Wipe them down and clean the space where they sat for a thorough clean.

10. Tackle that grout

Bathroom grout can really get dingy with all kinds of grime, mildew, and mould. Use a grout cleaner according to the instructions to help bring your tiles back to life.

11. Clean between your couch and chair cushions

Pull out your couch and chair cushions, and vacuum all the crumbs and other debris that tends to collect there. You might also find some loonies and toonies while you’re at it.

12. Toss blankets in the laundry

Most blankets are laundry friendly. Just make sure you do them alone, as they might give off lint or bleed.

13. Get organized

As you clean each room, look for opportunities to declutter:

  • Sort through papers and throw anything you don’t need in the recycle bin.
  • Toss out old clothes, or put them aside to give to charity.
  • Organize your makeup, small appliances, perfumes, shaving stuff, and so on in the bathroom to clear room on the counter.
  • Invest in a shoe rack that can be hung on the back of a closet door.

Generally do a declutter and help downsize belongings to the things you need, or as Marie Condo would say, “Bring you joy.”

14. Refresh your bedroom linens

While you’ve hopefully been throwing your sheets in the laundry often, you might overlook things like your duvet or throw cushions. Since the weather is warmer, bring your duvet to the laundry, and if you have throw cushions, see if they can do them as well. If not, use a spray fabric deodorizer on your linens and pillows to refresh everything.

15. Clean the pet beds

Do the same for your pet beds, but if using a deodorizer spray, make sure it lists the product as being pet friendly. Vacuum the pillows and the baskets they use to remove pet dander and hair.

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