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14 Ways to Make Your Rental Property Stand Out

14 Ways to Make Your Rental Property Stand Out
October 26, 2023

When your rental property catches the eye, you can attract top tenants, making life as a landlord easier. Imagine having tenants who pay their rent on time, take care of your property, and renew their leases, so you never face a rent deficit. 

14 ways to make your rental property stand out

This article will review 14 ways to make your rental property stand out to attract the most desirable tenants.  

1. Create a welcoming space with fresh paint

Freshly painted walls in a welcoming neutral colour invite prospective tenants into the space. It allows them to picture themselves living on a property that appears cared for and well-maintained

Although painting the entire unit takes some time and effort, the payoff will be noted when you rent the property quickly.

2. Pay attention to repairs  

Tenants today face high rents that can make them far pickier when finding a home. To show tenants that a) the property is worth it, and b) you’ll take care of their home, pay attention to the little repair jobs that make an apartment feel new. This list of items can include:

  • Broken kitchen drawers and cabinets
  • Leaky faucets
  • Missing kitchen hardware
  • Broken bathroom vanities
  • Faulty light switches
  • Damaged hardwood floors
  • Missing electrical covers for sockets and light switches
  • Missing light fixtures
  • Cracked windows
  • Missing window and balcony screens
  • Unsecure front doors
  • Torn or loose carpeting

When you pay close attention to every detail, tenants have fewer negatives to focus on and will feel more trusting that your property will make a comfortable, safe home.

3. Create a better flow

If you have tenants, you have a right to make small changes when re-renting your property. Discuss the changes you wish to make with the current tenants and ensure you give enough notice before entering the home. 

They might be willing to make the changes, such as taking down too much artwork or removing some of their furnishings since they’re moving anyway. 

The more spacious and tidy the apartment appears, the more likely tenants will want to live there. If the unit is a tight, cramped space, it might be better to start showing the apartment after the tenants move out.

4. Consider investing in upgrades

Whether it is little upgrades like new kitchen hardware, light fixtures, and door knobs, medium upgrades like painting kitchen cabinets and replacing old appliances, or something significant like laying new luxury vinyl flooring throughout or redoing the bathroom and kitchen, upgrades speak volumes to tenants. 

Having something new in a home lived in by several tenants before them is a significant draw that sets your property apart. It can also demand higher rent, helping to cover the costs of your renovation investment.

5. Wash the windows

Although it might seem like clean windows aren’t that noticeable, clean glass allows more natural light to stream into the space, which is always a positive. 

If your unit is in a highrise and you can’t clean the outside of the windows, it’s still worth doing the insides, including all your window sills.

6. Refinish the floors

If you have hardwood, it is only a positive to potential tenants when it is in good condition. If your floors look a little worse for wear, consider refinishing them to create a smooth, attractive surface that will stand out.

7. Visit competing rental properties

Arrange some viewings of other rental properties in the area to get an idea of what you’re up against. Use some of the selling features of other listings to improve your property.

8. Improve security

Feeling safe in their own home is always important to tenants. Upgrading your locks to a keyed entry makes a big difference to tenants who will know the last tenants won’t gain access.

You can also add a security system to help people feel safe. Remember, you can use security service payments as a tax deduction and also reduce your insurance premiums. 

9. Install more storage

Looking for ways to install more storage is an excellent and affordable way to help your unit stand out from others in the area. 

Whether it’s more shelves on exposed kitchen walls, or upgrading closets with shelves and cubbies, these little details make the home appear more organized.

10. Don’t forget curb appeal

Although you don’t always have control over curb appeal, if you rent a house, a duplex, or own a multi-unit building, you can help create better first impressions. Making sure the lawn is mowed, weeds are pulled, exterior light bulbs are replaced, and common areas are clean all contribute to curb appeal.

11. Check the plumbing

Have a plumber come in and assess the plumbing to make sure everything is working.

Little details like dripping faucets, leaks under the sink in the bathroom, or faulty toilets are red flags for tenants who envision water damage, mould, and endless clogs.

12. Get smart

Install innovative technology that makes your apartment more tech-savvy. Smart thermostats, better appliances, and state-of-the-art security systems, for example, all create a futuristic, modern feel that updates your unit.

13. Invest in professional carpet cleaning

If your property has carpeting, investing in professional carpet cleaning is essential. Carpets that smell or are covered in stains are a real turn-off for tenants who don’t want to walk around on carpeting that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since 1995.

14. Call professional house cleaning services

Professional house cleaning services in Toronto make a world of difference to tenants who want to live in a clean, safe space.

This thorough cleaning includes every room in the home and ensures tenants see nothing but clean when they visit the unit. You want the property to look and feel like you can eat off the floor, so tenants feel confident that the space is germ-free and move-in ready.

For more information about house cleaning services in Toronto that are perfect for rental units, speak to the experts at Maid4Condos. You can call us at 647-822-0601 or contact us online.

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