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14 Tips To Keep Your Arts and Crafts Tools Organized

14 Tips To Keep Your Arts and Crafts Tools Organized
March 26, 2021

It seems the pandemic brought out the creative side of many people stuck at home and trying to avoid boredom. Whether you are one of them or have always considered yourself a little crafty, it can be a challenge keeping your supplies and tools organized. It’s even worse if you live in a small space like a condo. But fear not! You can let your creative side blossom and still keep the mess to a minimum with these 14 craft organization tips.

14 tips to keep your arts and crafts tools organized

1. Invest in some shelves

What you lack in closet space you can make up for with shelves that can go right up to the ceiling. Vertical storage is by far the crafty person’s BFF when it comes to staying organized. You can arrange things with the most frequently used items within reach and then progress upwards based on how often you use things. Include baskets or large plastic lidded storage containers and mark everything clearly so you always know where everything is.

2. Hang things

If shelves aren’t your thing, use hooks and bags to store everything on your wall. If you want to keep things out of sight, you can put the hooks inside the closets. A great way to take advantage of your walls is to install pegboard, paint it your favourite colour and then add S hooks to hang tools or bags of craft materials.

3. Laundry basket for rolls

Tall laundry baskets make the ideal container to keep things like rolls of fabrics neat while also taking up less space. You can roll up materials like leather, paper, vinyl, etc. and then stand them in laundry baskets along the wall. This is ideal for tall rolls because they can be awkward and tend to fall over. It works perfectly for storing things like your holiday or birthday wrapping paper as well.

4. Every nook and cranny

Small spaces can pose a problem, including not necessarily having dedicated room for your arts and crafts. If this is the case, get creative and spread things out wherever space will allow. As mentioned, hanging things on the backs of closet doors works well.

Can you use a shoe organizer for smaller tools and materials? Can you use hanging veggie baskets anywhere to store things like wool? Would a spice rack do the trick for your small pots of paint or glitter glues? Can you slide flat storage boxes under your bed or couch? Taking advantage of every available nook and cranny in your home allows you to keep organized, albeit in a less than ideal way.

5. Use a toolbox

Traditional toolboxes found at your local hardware store can be the perfect solution for your arts and crafts storage. These handy boxes shut down into a neat and tidy small box that takes up very little room, yet opens up tons of storage space with pull-out shelves ideal for all sorts of crafty tools and materials.

6. Store smaller items in clear kitchen containers

Lidded containers designed for kitchen ingredients like pasta, flour and sugar can be ideal for storing smaller items. Tall pasta containers are great for things like paint brushes, pipe cleaners or knitting needles, while smaller containers can be perfect for things like beads, glitter, threads and more. They are clear so don’t need labels and are often also stackable to make the most of your shelf or desk space.

7. Medicine cabinets

Medicine cabinets are easy to mount and can also, having a mirror, be practical in bedrooms. Adjustable shelves allow you to accommodate different heights and you can keep smaller things such as spools of threads or small paint jars neat and tucked away until you need them. Add adhesive-backed magnetic strips to the inside of the door and hang little scissors and other small-scale metal tools there.

8. Drawer dividers

Kitchen drawer dividers can help keep things organized instead of just tossing things away and having to search through everything to find them. Excellent solutions such as spice racks work well but even common things like utensil trays can work.

9. Tool belts

Tool belts can be hung at the side of your work table, so you have easy access to the things you need as you work. You can also use gardening aprons with plenty of pockets or even sew your own canvas tool container to keep everything within reach.

10. Pillboxes for tiny beads

If you do beadwork, pillboxes make an excellent storage solution. You can keep beads separated while you work, and then close the lids and store them away when you’re done. This works well for scrapbooking tabs and finicky little decorative details.

11. Empty cans

Repurposing empty cans whether they are kitchen cans or paint cans is an eco-friendly solution ideal for all kinds of writing and painting tools. Taller items like rulers have an easy place to rest when not in use, while all your colouring pencils, markers and paintbrushes can also be sorted by size and colour.

12. Shower caddies

Shower caddies offer excellent shelves and even little hooks to hang items. They are great for keeping things organized and take up very little space.

13. Party serving trays

Trays designed for things like crudités and dips can be used to sort small items as you work. This is a great way to organize threads, beads, scrapbooking items for effective craft organization. They come in different shapes and sizes so you just need to choose one that will make the most sense for the materials and tools you use.

14. Wall-mounted file slots

Grab some wall-mounted file slots at your local office supply store. These are ideal for sorting things like decorative sheets of paper or various sizes of cutting and measuring boards. You can line them up above your desk or inside a closet or cupboard.

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