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14 Tips for Minimizing Your Post-Holiday Party Mess

14 Tips for Minimizing Your Post-Holiday Party Mess
December 26, 2022

When you are the host with the most among your group of friends, you are also the one left with a party mess to deal with. Since the holidays are party central, you want to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario with a post-holiday party mess plan in place. 

14 tips for minimizing your post-holiday party mess

In this article, we’ll discuss 14 tips for minimizing the mess so that you can maximize your fun.

1. Create a party zone

The more guests you have in your home, the more unruly the mess becomes. Try to create a party zone by closing off rooms that you want to keep off-limits. This will reduce the rooms where you’ll likely find empty glasses, cigarette butts, leftover food, and who knows what else. 

While it can be challenging to keep an eye on everyone, closed doors usually mean off-limits to most people, so this is your best defence. Also, have all the party-friendly decorations, drinks, food platters, etc. in a central area, so it helps contain the messier aspects of the party in that one space.

2. Consider the smokers

If you have a no-smoking policy, let guests know where they can smoke, whether it is your balcony, front porch, or backyard. Set up large, noticeable ashtrays to encourage them to put their butts out in a designated area. 

Since it is winter, they most likely won’t want to linger outside for too long. If you want to be extra nice, though, you can consider setting up a few chairs with a table for your smoking friends.

3. Keep the dishwasher going

Before guests arrive, empty your dishwasher so you can load it as you go. That way, if you are using glasses, you can keep filling the dishwasher and run it once it’s full. This plan can make life easier and also reduces the risk of broken glasses from people leaning into a crowded counter or table.

4. Think single-use

Now, before the term gets you up in arms, we are with you. We want to reduce waste, especially plastics. However, there are a lot of products available today that are recyclable, including napkins and certain types of paper plates. 

If you use these items, they will make life easier, and you can also sleep easier, knowing you aren’t contributing more garbage to your local landfill.

5. Create a trash zone

Consider placing trash bins strategically in the party zone, as most Torontonians have an innate trash alarm that causes them to look for trash cans to dispose of garbage. Setting up your trash zone in the kitchen will also allow people to toss their used napkins and single-use items in the appropriate recycle bins. Most guests will do this instinctively.

6. Use tablecloths

Tablecloths save the step of wiping down tables, while protecting wood from glass rings. You can find some festive paper tablecloths during the holidays, or use your table linens. Paper is great because you can leave discarded paper plates, napkins, and food on the tablecloth and just wrap it all up and toss it. 

7. Think easy

Choose easy everything whenever you can. For example, there are disposable options, LED candles that won’t spill wax all over the place, and finger foods that require napkins but not necessarily plates (although this can increase the risk for spills). There are also stemless wine glasses that are harder to knock over, champagne and white wine that won’t stain, and so forth.

8. Tidy up as you party

As you mingle, look for things that you can quickly tidy up. Remove abandoned glasses and plates, full ashtrays, empty bowls and liquor bottles, etc. that you can clear in the kitchen, throw in the trash, or place in the dishwasher. Don’t get carried away. Just casually look for opportunities and avoid deep cleaning. 

Actual cleaning will make guests feel uncomfortable and also take away from your fun. Keep your sink filled with soapy water, so you have a place for dirty dishes and glasses when the dishwasher is full.

9. Be prepared for spills

Spills are bound to happen as revellers get into the spirit of the holidays, or more likely, the spirit of the holidays get into them! Be prepared with cleaning supplies, clean cloths, etc., so you can act fast to avoid stains.

10. Remove area rugs

If it’s not too much trouble, consider removing area rugs until the party is over. It’s a lot easier to wipe up spilled wine from hardwood or laminate flooring than it is to try to remove stains from carpets.

11. Provide coasters

Cover your table, coffee table, and side tables with several coasters to encourage people to use them. This will prevent rings from forming on your wood furniture. Coasters are a must if you have expensive furniture, heirlooms, or antiques that will be ruined by rings.

12. Co-host your party

Co-hosting is all the rage these days. Friends join forces to make organising the event a less stressful experience. When you co-host, you have a partner to help manage the mess, corral guests, and generally share all the duties that come with hosting. With two people hosting, you split the chores, so you can both have fun.

13. Send leftovers home with guests

Having too much food comes with the territory. It also takes up a lot of time to store everything away. As the night winds down, lay out some “take out” containers and encourage guests to help themselves to the leftovers. 

While not everyone will be interested, people who are feeling a little peckish after their drinking or who don’t want to contend with food the next day will be grateful to have something to help them recover from the night.

14. Call a maid service in Toronto!

The holidays are a time to enjoy yourself, even if you are hosting. If you call in the pros for your post-holiday cleaning, you can actually relax without worrying about the mess you’ll have in the morning.

At Maid4Condos, we are your post-party angels, ready to swoop in and erase all signs of messes. Think of it as your reward for being generous and inviting everyone to your place. Problem solved. 

If you are simply too tired to deal with the post-party cleanup, Maid4Condos is the maid service that Toronto trusts to put everything back in order. For more information, you can call us at 647-822-0601 or contact us online.

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