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14 Simple Steps for a Dust-Free Bedroom

14 Simple Steps for a Dust-Free Bedroom
August 30, 2022

If you’re like most people, it probably seems close to impossible to keep your bedroom dust-free. First, it’s just one of those rooms we tend to overlook when it comes to dusting. 

How to get rid of dust in your bedroom in 14 easy steps?

There are so many things that contribute to dust that even dusting once in a while won’t do much to manage all that dirt, pollen, mould spores, dead skin cells, hair, and fabric fibres lurking in every bedroom. 

Whether you have allergies or just want to breathe a little easier knowing your bedroom is cleaner, in this article, we look at how to reduce dust in the bedroom with 14 simple steps.

1. Weekly basic bedroom cleaning

If you tend to be like most people, your regular cleaning might focus on common areas in the home and less on your bedroom. However, if there’s a room that deserves and needs regular cleaning, it’s your bedroom. 

As mentioned above, the bedroom has a lot more debris like dead skin cells and hair, and a mattress and pillows dust mites love. 

So, cleaning your bedroom weekly with a light, basic cleaning that includes dusting, sweeping, and/or vacuuming is the first step to a dust-free bedroom.

2. Use a doormat and boot tray

You’re probably thinking, what does a doormat have to do with my bedroom? The answer is simple: We track dirt into our homes that then get carried on our feet to every room. 

A doormat allows you to get into the habit of wiping your feet to drag less dirt inside. A good quality bristle-top doormat is ideal. It also helps to remove shoes at the door and leave them on a boot tray.  

3. Groom your pets

We love our pets, but they contribute to dry skin cells, hair, and fur, and their dander adds to the mess of dusty build-up throughout your home. 

The best way to reduce these furry contributions is to groom your pet to collect hair and dead skin cells before they reach the floor and furniture.

4. Cover kitty litter

If you have a cat, look for a kitty litter box with a cover. This can help to keep the dust they kick up contained in one area.

5. Close your windows

We all like to get some fresh air in the home, but open windows allow more debris into your living space. 

This dusty build-up is enemy number one if you have allergies because outdoor air carries things like pollen, pollutants, and even mould spores into your bedroom.

6. Remove carpeting

If you live in a condo or apartment, you might be limited in your flooring choices. However, if you have a choice, removing wall-to-wall carpeting can go a long way in reducing bedroom dust. 

Carpeting is a dust magnet, and when you walk on it, you kick the dust up into the air.

7. Dry clean or wash all your pillows

Whether you have one of those beds with 20 throw pillows or just the one to lay your weary head, pillows are the ideal place for dust mites to live. 

Either dry clean or follow the washing instructions on your pillows to keep them clean, once a month. It will provide a clean pillow with less dust and make breathing easier when you sleep.

8. Use a damp duster

We tend to think of dusting as a dry cleaning process, but it becomes much more effective when you use a damp cloth. 

It can get rid of 90% of the dust on a surface. Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe and hold onto dust instead of a dry duster or rag that moves it around and releases it into the air. 

What goes up must come down, so that dust will just settle right back onto your surfaces if you don’t use a damp cloth.

9. Beat your area rugs

There’s a reason why people used to hang their area rugs outside and give them a good beating. 

This is the only way to loosen up that dust and debris and get it out of the fibres. You can buy a rug beater or just use a broom. Do this, and then finish with a good vacuuming for a less dusty bedroom area rug.

10. Buy a humidifier

If you find that you are constantly getting little shocks when you touch something, this is caused by static electricity. 

Static is a dust magnet, meaning your home will remain dusty even after you dust (especially if you’re dry-dusting surfaces). A humidifier in your bedroom can help get rid of static and, in turn, reduce the amount of dust in your bedroom.

11. Dust soft furnishings

If you have an upholstered bench or chair in your bedroom, it’s one more place for dust and dust mites to live. 

Your curtains and lampshades are dust collectors, too. You should be vacuuming your soft furnishings and hard surfaces weekly to reduce dust in your bedroom. Also, things like soft wall art (such as quilts, macrame, etc.) should be dusted. 

And don’t forget that upholstered headboard.

12. Take down your window blinds  

If you have window blinds, especially traditional slatted blinds, every single slat is a dust collector. You might want to consider taking them down and replacing them with fabric window treatments that you can toss in the wash. 

If you bought blinds because they block out the light more effectively, then invest in blackout curtains.

13. Reduce bedroom clutter

Bedrooms are notorious for collecting clutter, especially in smaller homes where storage space is limited. 

Reduce clutter to remove dust collectors, particularly things like nick nacks, perfume bottles, books, dirty laundry, exposed tie tacks, and more. 

Keep dirty clothes in a laundry basket instead of on the floor. Things like tie racks should be hung in the closet where dust can’t build up easily.

14 Clean all your bed linens 

We all know we’re supposed to clean all our bed linens and do so frequently. However, it can be hard to make this a regular priority with so much else going on.  

Inconvenient as it is, you should be doing it once a week. Your bed linens themselves actually shed fibres that create dust. Add to this the fact they hold onto dead skin cells and dust mites, and you can see why they are a dust problem. 

Be sure to clean your sheets and pillowcases weekly and duvet cover, comforter, and mattress pad monthly. 

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