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14 Secrets for Making House Cleaning a Breeze

14 Secrets for Making House Cleaning a Breeze
July 6, 2022

Tackling a messy home can take forever. In fact, our homes often get so messy because we just don’t have time to keep things clean. 

Tips for making house cleaning easy

However, the less you clean, the more chaotic your home becomes, making it a monster of a mess that takes hours to finish. 

The best way to avoid this situation is to clean often, so it takes up less time. 

If you find that you can’t keep on top of your house cleaning, in this article, we offer 14 secrets to help make house cleaning a breeze.

1. Avoid clutter

If you can avoid clutter, your cleaning jobs won’t seem so overwhelming. If you first do a massive decluttering, it becomes easier to manage the mess every day so it doesn’t start to accumulate again. 

Simple daily tasks like putting dirty clothes in the laundry, hanging up clothes you can wear again, tossing items like old newspapers or junk mail, and putting things back where you found them will help avoid clutter.

2. Clean surfaces

With clutter out of the way, you create a clear path that makes vacuuming, dusting, and wiping surfaces easier.

Clean things like bathroom and kitchen counter every day by keeping wipes handy. Dust surfaces every week or two, and sweep the kitchen floors daily. 

Follow up with a quick vacuum once a week, and you’ll find that your home will look pretty good.  

3. Clean in sections

Sometimes, when a mess seems too overwhelming, you can get distracted by other tasks that seem easier or more urgent. This can lead to a haphazard cleaning method that has you moving across the room from one mess to another. 

A better approach is to choose a corner of the room, start tidying, and make your way around the room in a more organized fashion. 

This way, you achieve more because you’ll see a distinction between the tidy areas you’ve finished and the spaces you’ll tackle next.

4. Work top to bottom

Cleaning can be frustrating if you find that you clean one thing, and then it gets dirty when you clean something else. 

A good rule of thumb is to work from top to bottom, so you send messes like dust or drips from cleaning products downward. 

That way, you leave a clean trail and catch all the mess as you work your way to the floor.

5. Make a cleaning caddy

You can also get distracted if you have to keep running around for different cleaning products or toss things in the garbage. Make a cleaning caddy with cleaning products, a duster, clean rags, etc., so you have everything you need as you work. 

Include a garbage bag to throw out dirty paper towels and wipes or for anything else you need to toss as you clean.

6. Stay on top of bathroom “ick”

Bathrooms are the worst spaces to clean for obvious reasons. To avoid one major, gross cleaning in the bathroom, stay on top of the bathroom “ick” factor. 

First, use an automated toilet cleanser to reduce odours and avoid dirty rings and stains. Next, ensure everyone cleans under the toilet seat and rim with a toilet brush after unfortunate “incidents” that tend to leave messes that can cake on.

Use a shower spray cleanser after each shower to reduce bathroom scum and mildew. Keep disinfectant wipes on the bathroom counter so people can wipe the tap, sink, and counter after finishing their hygiene regime.

7. Do quick vacuum runs

If you have carpeting, do quick vacuum runs every few days in high-traffic areas. 

This will reduce buildup that makes rugs look dirty while also getting rid of debris that gets tracked through your home or kicked up into the air.

8. Use a wet mop

Wet mop products like Swiffer can be used daily in the bathroom or kitchen to remove drips and drops. 

Although you might not do it every day, if you use this simpler approach to mopping, your job becomes easier, and your floors look cleaner. 

Always work backwards so you don’t wash yourself into a corner and find yourself trapped and staring down at your wet, clean floors.

9. Invest in a squeegee

Squeegees are a handy tool that help glass and tile shine! A great tip for keeping showers clean is to use a small squeegee to wipe down the walls after each shower. 

This takes seconds and removes the damp and soap scum, so it never builds up. If you have a glass shower, this is also the best way to keep the shower doors and walls clear of water drops. 

You can also use the squeegee on your windows and mirrors for a streak-free clean.

10. Kill bathroom mould and mildew

A squirt of vinegar is a great way to combat stinky, dirty mould and mildew in your bathroom. It is also the best way to avoid mineral deposits on your bathroom faucet and shower head.

11. Wipe sinks with mineral oil

Mineral oil is great in sinks, as it repels water and stains. It can also be used in the bathroom to avoid those unsightly lumps of dried toothpaste (yuck).

12. Clean the microwave with every use

Well, maybe you don’t have to clean it with every use, but you know what we mean. 

Those drips are usually noticeable, so don’t leave them to crust up. Instead, just wipe it up rather than hiding your mess for the next person to find!

13. Maintenance clean

As you follow these tips, you’ll find that your home looks much cleaner and for longer. When you see messes appear, do quick maintenance to keep things under control.

14. Hire a professional home cleaning service

If you don’t have time to clean, don’t let it become a completely unlivable space that you’d see on a show like Hoarders

Instead, call a Toronto cleaning company to help keep things under control. A weekly or even monthly clean by professionals is an affordable, stress-free way to keep your home clean. 

You can then come home to a relaxing atmosphere free of odours, germs, and general chaotic clutter. If you’d like to learn more about using a Toronto cleaning company, click here to see Maid4Condos’ basic cleaning package. You can call us at 647-822-0601, or contact us online.

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