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14 Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms and Dads

14 Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms and Dads
August 23, 2023

Parenthood isn’t easy. From homework to soccer practice and everything in between, finding a few moments for yourself, let alone doing some cleaning, is often challenging.

14 cleaning tips for busy moms and dads

Fear not, though! Here we share 14 cleaning tips for busy moms and dads directly from our home cleaning services professionals.

1. Clean as you go

The best way to keep on top of things is to clean as you go. Making lunches for the kids? Put any dishes you use in the dishwasher. Finished reading the paper? Toss it in the recycle bin. Sink filled with toothpaste after daily brushing? Keep wipes in the bathroom so you can wipe it away. 

These little tasks add up at the end of the week, so your home stays cleaner and takes less time to clean. Teach kids to follow your example for an even spotless home.

2. Have put-away rules

Often, family members resent putting things away if they don’t feel they were “the last one to use it.” To avoid arguments and simplify the cleaning process, have a put-away rule. Anyone who uses something needs to put it away when they’re done. 

This also makes it easier to find shared things like scissors, tape, phone chargers, etc., to lessen frustration. Also known as the “one touch” rule, you keep the house tidier and organized to reduce clutter and stress.  

3. Buy a wet and dry mop for floors

New cleaning tools like wet and dry mops are designed to make life easier. Having easy-to-use cleaning tools also helps you keep on top of cleaning tasks, so it doesn’t take as long to do things, like vacuum or mop the floors.

A quick sweep with the dry mop and a swish of the wet mop every day keeps your hard surface floors looking cleaner. Better yet, it reduces the need for an hour-long sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping session every weekend! 

4. Invest in convenience storage

Put-away rules don’t work if you don’t have organized storage. Having baskets, shelves, boxes, jars, hangers, and drawers that optimize storage space means everything has a proper place.

This makes it simpler to put things away, and as mentioned, it also makes it easier to find the things you need. A place for everything makes a world of difference, especially in smaller spaces.

5. Create a cleaning caddy

Cleaning caddies keep all your cleaning products and tools in one handy place. They are also easy to tote around as you clean, keeping everything you need at your fingertips. A typical cleaning caddy includes:

  • A good all-purpose cleaner
  • Duster
  • Clean rags or microfibre cloths
  • Rubber gloves
  • All-purpose disinfectant wipes
  • Paper towels
  • Lint roller 
  • Sponge

6. Store cleaning products where you use them

While your caddy is a time-saver for general house cleaning, areas like the bathroom require special cleaners. Keep these items stored safely in the bathroom so they are there when needed.

As mentioned, wipes on bathroom counters really minimize effort, while other items like tub and shower cleaners only used in the bathroom might as well be kept in the only place you use them.

7. Toss a load of laundry in each day

Doing several loads of laundry in one day takes up a lot of time. Consider tossing a load of laundry in after dinner each day. It’s a cheaper time of day for water and electricity consumption, and you can have freshly cleaned clothes folded and put away ready to use in the morning.

8. Have everyone pitch in

Teaching kids to clean at an early age helps them develop a sense of community and responsibility. Creating an age-appropriate chore list helps keep the home clean as a family, so everyone pitches in and feels good about their contribution. 

Make sure no one ever gets stuck doing the same awful job (like scrubbing the shower or toilet) to keep things fair. Also, help younger kids with their tasks so they don’t get frustrated and give up.

9. Create a cleaning schedule

Schedules create a routine to help ensure the cleaning chores get done. A daily, weekly, and monthly schedule tackles cleaning in manageable bites, so everything gets taken care of.

Daily cleaning might include sweeping the kitchen, cleaning the countertops, making the beds, washing the dishes, and doing a load of laundry. Weekly would be vacuuming, mopping floors, dusting, and cleaning bathrooms, while monthly might be cleaning the microwave, windows, fridge, and oven. You can set the schedule that works for you and use the routine to keep your cleaning on track. 

10. Power clean in spurts

Tackling clutter and dirt in spurts also helps. If you notice the living room is looking messy, pick things up, toss out garbage, and put items away. If the toilet and bathroom sink look dirty, give the toilet a squirt of toilet bowl cleaner, wipe down the sink with a wipe, and then give the toilet a swirl of the brush.

11. Combine cleaning with fitness

If you don’t have time to clean and work out, combine the two when the house is looking a little grim. Turn on an upbeat playlist and go at things full-power; vacuum with vigour, see how fast you can scrub the tub, dance or jog on the spot while you fold the laundry—you get the picture.

12. Make cleaning fun

This is easier said than done, but with a little creativity, it is possible. For example, have a cleaning contest to see who can clean their room the fastest. Offer a reward for people who put in extra effort above and beyond their usual cleaning duties. 

Have a fun activity planned post-cleaning, like watching a favourite movie, going to the park, or a bike ride as the end goal, so everyone works together to meet that aim. 

You can also create your own games, such as “robots” where everyone acts like robots while putting things away, or hiding the toys, where kids need to get all their toys put away before the toy burglar finds them.   

13. Donate unused items

Kids grow out of everything, such as clothes, toys, bikes, skates, and other sports gear. If it’s small, it will soon be outdated. To make life easier, help families in need, reduce waste, and declutter your space, make sure to keep a box handy for donations.

As soon as something is no longer needed, toss it in the box. Once it’s full, bring it to your local charity. This is decluttering with purpose: teaching your kids the importance of sharing and minimizing waste.

14. Hire professional home cleaning services in Toronto

Last but not least, give yourself a break and hire professional cleaners. Whether it’s once a week, twice a month, or every once in a while, house cleaning services help keep your home comfortable and clean so you can focus on more important things. 

The team at Maid4Condos offers affordable home cleaning services in Toronto that are ideal for your family. To learn more, call us at 647-822-0601 or contact us online.

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