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13 Tips for Cleaning Windows Like a Pro

13 Tips for Cleaning Windows Like a Pro
June 7, 2021

Condo living is meant to be low maintenance. However, that doesn’t get you off the hook for keeping your own unit clean. Condo cleaning Toronto residents require can be particularly tricky when it comes to windows. Especially if you don’t have a balcony or you’re 40 floors up! But the good news is, you can still keep your windows sparkling by using these 13 tips to clean them like a pro.

Tips for Cleaning Windows Like a Pro

1. Dust a little first

To make sure you aren’t sidetracked by the dust and cobwebs on the glass, sills and frames, be sure you start by dusting everything down. This is a must before you get into the nitty-gritty of cleaning.

2. Use the right tools

You might think you need a squeegee for streak-free windows but the trick for DIY window cleaning lies in using the right tools for you. In this case, we recommend the trusty clean microfibre cloth. While squeegees do reduce streaks, they really only work if you use the right technique. Otherwise, you end up with streaks despite your efforts. That’s why we recommend a microfibre cloth. It provides more control so you can wipe away the streaks and you won’t get those little pieces of lint that paper towels can leave on the glass. Also, squeegees tend to make a mess on the floor and/or window sill as they don’t absorb the excess cleaner like a cloth.

3. Choose a cloudy day

Not rain, just cloud. Rain on the windows makes it impossible to tell if you are cleaning properly. Sun can also make it difficult to work. Not only is it too bright but it is also too hot. The heat will actually cause your cleaning solution to dry too fast, leaving streaks. Cloud is ideal as you can see the dirt and not have to contend with the glare. It also keeps the windows cooler.

4. DIY your cleaner

While there are common household cleaners and specific window cleaners available, when it comes to that perfect clear window, a DIY cleaner is your best choice. They are cheap but also don’t contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to breathe in. The best solution is the old standby:

  • 2 cups of water
  • 1/2 cup white or cider vinegar
  • 1/4 cup isopropyl alcohol with at least 70% concentration

Place it in a spray bottle and you’re good to go.

5. Always spritz

Don’t use a bucket or bowl full of your cleaning solution to dip your cloth in. Instead, always spritz the windows with a spray bottle. This allows you to control the cleaning solution and avoid having too much on the window. However, it also provides a clean spritz as opposed to sloshing the dirt you just removed straight back onto the windows.

6. Remove the cleaner

Use your cloth to wipe down the windows, watching for streaks. You can rub away streaks easily with the cloth so you leave nothing behind but a pristine shine.

7. Outdoor windows with a balcony

If you have a balcony, you’ll be able to get an even clearer view. While the indoor clean does make a difference, the outside is always far dirtier. When cleaning outside, never try to reach over the balcony to get at other windows in your unit. This is just plain unsafe.

8. Start outside

Always start with your outside windows first so you can get a better idea of what dirt is inside when you do your final clean. Use a separate cloth for inside and out, as your outside cleaning is going to get quite messy. You don’t want to rub that all over your inside windows.

9. Abrasive cleaners for outside challenges

As mentioned, your outside windows are going to be much dirtier. This can include everything from bird poop to unknown greasy spatters. For these jobs, you might need a more abrasive cleaner so consider a mix of vinegar and baking soda for the job. Remove all of these prominent stains first or you’re just going to be spreading the dirt over the glass as you work.

10. Squeegee for full-length windows

While we didn’t recommend the squeegee, if you have full-length windows such as sliding patio doors, it might be the better tool, especially for outside work. Once you remove major stains and grime outside, use your DIY cleaner with a thorough spritz and squeegee the window top to bottom.

11. Final wipe

A final wipe with your microfibre cloth will make short work of any streaks you left behind with the squeegee.

12. Windowsills

Always do the sills last so you can wipe away any of the drips from the window and spray bottle. Just be careful not to cause streaks on the window while you work. Try to get into the rails where the windows run along to open and close them, as this tends to get pretty grimy.

Be careful when you see anything that seems to be in tiny clumps and black, as this can be mould. If you do notice something like this, spray it with bleach first to let it kill the mould. This will prevent the spores from puffing in the air when you touch them. You might also want to wear a mask to be safe.

13. Screens

If your windows open (not all high-rise condo windows are operational) carefully remove the screens and give them a good wash. If they are large and cumbersome, consider rinsing them down in the bathtub. Smaller screens can be rinsed in the kitchen or laundry sink if you have one in your unit.

If your motto has always been “I don’t do windows” these tips will change your mind. However, if the idea of cleaning windows is still unappealing, the team at Maid4Condos is ready to help. We can customize our services to suit your needs and can get those windows sparkling clean.

If you would like to find out more about window cleaning, call Maid4Condos at 647-822-0601 or contact us here.

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