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13 Easy Ways to Keep Your Toilet Clean

13 Easy Ways to Keep Your Toilet Clean
June 20, 2022

The one thing in our home we should all be obsessed with cleaning is the toilet. If you live alone, you draw the short straw every time and have to scrub that toilet eventually. However, busy households are much worse because there are more people contributing to those horrifying germs and stains.

How can you keep your toilet clean?

Although cleaning the toilet is nothing to look forward to, one of the best ways to tackle this job is to keep it as clean as possible in the first place. So, pull on a pair of bright yellow rubber gloves and try our 13 easy ways to keep your toilet clean.  

1. It’s the real thing: Coca-Cola

You may or may not have heard about this go-to cleanser as the best way to get rid of dirty toilet stains like rust. However, Coke apparently is the real thing when it comes to getting rid of unsightly toilet rings. Pour a can in the toilet to cover the stains and let it sit for an hour or longer, and you might come back to find the stains gone without needing to scrub. If the stains are still there, just take your toilet brush to the stains and, with luck, a flush will reveal clean white porcelain.

2. Pumice stones for stubborn stains

This will work because the pumice stone has gentle abrasion to get at stubborn stains. The area you scrub and the pumice stone both have to be wet, however, or else you can damage the surface of the porcelain. 

Although you’ll see results, this is much messier than our other tips, and is recommended when you’ve gone far too long between toilet cleanings. You’ll have to wear good quality gloves because you’ll be in direct contact with toilet water. If you’re desperate to get rid of stains that just won’t quit, though, this is the answer.

3. White vinegar soak without scrubbing

We’ve sung the praises of vinegar as a natural cleaner for years. This is a sure thing when you want to avoid using harsh cleaners like bleach. Vinegar is the primo cleaner because it not only removes stains, but also effectively kills germs for a one-two punch on toilet dirt. 

You just have to dump pure white vinegar into the toilet at bedtime and in the morning find a sparkling toilet ready to flush. You can even put some vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz dirty grout and caulking in the shower to see impressive results after it sits for a few hours.

4. Hydrogen peroxide for pearly white toilets

This is another great alternative to bleach. It can be found at your local drug store, and works to both clean and kill germs. Use a ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide in the toilet bowl for 30 minutes and then give it flush.

5. Baby oil for toilet chrome

If you have chrome fixtures on your toilet that are looking a little icky, baby oil (believe it or not) is the answer. Use it to polish the fixtures and hardware like the toilet handle, the toilet seat hinges, and the taps to the water source below the toilet, and you’ll see sparkling results. 

Just a few drops on a clean cloth is all you need to wipe away dullness and bring out the shine. It can be used on all chrome bathroom fixtures such as your taps and shower head. You can also use it to buff up the shine on the tank and toilet boil.

6. Clear nail polish for toilet seat hardware

To protect the hardware on your toilet seat from rusting, apply clear nail polish to the bolts and screws.  

7. Baking soda for nightly soaks

To keep your toilet clean day and night, a sprinkle of baking soda in the toilet at bedtime can do the trick. Sprinkle it in, swish it around with your toilet brush, and then let it do its thing while you sleep.

8. Liquid cleanser in toilet tank for clean flushes

We always focus on the toilet bowl when using liquid toilet cleaners. However, a couple of squirts in the tank can do wonders to reduce the need for scrubbing. Just lift the lid, give it a few squirts and it will flush out dirt every time you flush. You can also place a dissolving toilet cleaning tablet in the tank. You’ll both clean and kill bacteria with every flush.

9. Use an automatic in-bowl toilet cleaner

These cleaners are either affixed with a sticky backing, or hung from the rim of the toilet. They provide continuous cleaning and odour reduction, while also preventing hard water stains and bacteria growth.

10. Freshen with budget-friendly mouthwash

Cleaning products are expensive, so if you want a budget-friendly toilet cleaner, opt for mouthwash. Choose one with germ-fighting power, and simply pour a cap into the toilet and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. Give the toilet a swirl with the toilet brush and then flush. It smells a lot better than strong chemical cleaners, and also keeps the toilet white and fresh.

11. Don’t forget below the rim

If you find that you clean the toilet bowl but it still stinks, make sure you are getting out debris under the rim. This is where the real yuck hides and does require a brush and cleanser to dislodge the “crust.”

12. Use lemonade powder

Lemonade powders contain citric acid, which is a great hack for fighting mineral deposits. Just flush the toilet and then sprinkle the powder on the damp toilet bowl surface above the water. Let it sit a few minutes, and then scrub the area with the toilet brush and flush again.

13. Have a clean as you “go” policy

Not everyone will be excited about this idea, but honestly, it is just common courtesy. Have a clean as you go, or, more specifically, clean as you poo policy that eliminates stinky and messy residue. It makes it more pleasant for those who follow, and also reduces stains and debris that can cling to the toilet rim, causing odours and spreading germs.

These tips will help make sure you never have to look at your toilet with dread again. However, if you really want to banish the idea of having to wash the toilet ever again, our basic cleaning services at Maid4Condos are the answer. Speak to our team today at 647-822-0601 to learn more, or contact us online.

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