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10 Surfaces of Your Home You Should Disinfect Weekly (At Least)

10 Surfaces of Your Home You Should Disinfect Weekly (At Least)
June 13, 2022

Although we’ve all learned to live with the lurking threat of COVID-19, what most of us don’t realize is that our homes have always been germ-heavy! Even if we went back to the way things “used to be”, we still should be worried about germs in our homes. There are not just viruses, but also germs and food-borne illnesses threatening to make us sick. 

Which are the surfaces of your home you should disinfect weekly?

Though you might clean often, chances are that you’re not actually sanitizing to disinfect your home. Here, we look at 10 surfaces of your home that you should disinfect with a deeper cleaning at least weekly to keep you healthy.

1. Cell phones

We’ll start here because we all carry these devices everywhere we go. So, although not restricted to your home, your cell phone is a little germ collector. You touch all kinds of things throughout the day, and then touch your cell phone, not to mention holding it up to your face to talk. That’s why you should be cleaning your cell phone often—even more than weekly if you ask us! 

We would suggest you clean and disinfect your phone once or twice a day, using a dry, soft cloth to first wipe away dirt, and then carefully disinfecting the screen with a disinfectant wipe or spray and paper towel. Make sure you don’t wet the phone, and instead spray cleaners onto a cloth and then wipe it. If it seems wet afterwards, wipe the residue away with a clean, dry cloth.

2. Doorknobs and handles

These are the most frequently touched surfaces in the home. Wipe down on all knobs and handles, including the ones on appliances. We would do this daily as well, but we are more germophobic than the average bear.

3. Remote controls and panels

Your remote controls and control panels for your smart home are also touched frequently. You can start using voice control more often to reduce the need to sanitize these items. Wipes work well as they are quick and painless and have bacteria and germ-fighting power to make it easy to clean surfaces.

4. Light switches

Light switches are bacteria magnets, making them a prime target for your sanitizing wipes. We’re talking nasty germs like cold, flu virus, E. Coli, salmonella, norovirus, and, of course, COVID-19. 

Considering the average person’s hands carry at least 3,000 different germs (yuck), wiping down these surfaces just makes good sense. Some germs last for hours or even days on hard, non-porous surfaces, so choose a product that says it can clean up to 99% of germs. Follow the instructions to allow the product to do its job.

5. Kitchen counters, taps, and surfaces

Hopefully, you’re already washing those kitchen counters whenever you prepare food. This is a must as bacteria like salmonella transfers from raw food to hands and other surfaces while you work. If you touch raw meat and then turn on the oven or tap, for example, you’re spreading those raw meat germs to those frequently touched surfaces. 

We’ve already mentioned cleaning appliance knobs, but the kitchen counters where you prepare the food are a major cause of foodborne illnesses, as are taps. So, wipe them down after each meal, and then do a solid, thorough clean once a week with a sanitizing cleanser.

6. Floors

It might seem odd to include the floors on this list. It’s not like you’re walking on your hands. However, if someone in the home is sick, their sneezing and coughing sends droplets everywhere and where do they eventually settle? The floor! However, the germs you carry on the soles of your shoes also leave traces behind, which you then walk on with your bare feet.

As well, pets spread germs on the floor or can pick up germs. Kids are also vulnerable to germs on the floor if they crawl and then put their hands in their mouth. So, cleaning and disinfecting floors can really help prevent illness. 

7. Dish sponges

Another gross fact: 77% of household dish sponges contain E. Coli or salmonella bacteria. The good news is that you can sanitize them by just placing them in the microwave for 90 seconds to kill the germs and bacteria. Seriously, though, you should also replace that sponge once a week instead because they really are just stinky, germy messes. 

8. Keyboards, computer mice, and devices

Whether you use a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer, your hands are constantly transferring germs and bacteria to your keyboard, touchscreens, and mice. Hopefully, you’re still following hand-washing protocols because it really is the best way to avoid getting sick and spreading germs and bacteria. 

However, even if you are, your devices and computers are still germy. Because these items are expensive, don’t go crazy spraying them down with bleach! Instead, read the care instructions to make sure you don’t cause damage. This is especially important for keyboards where liquid sprays can get into the works.

9. Bathroom counters, taps, and surfaces

Not to get too gross, but flushing the toilet sends a plume of waste six feet in all directions. This means anything in your toilet lands on the surfaces. First, tell everyone to close the lid before flushing to stop this from happening. Next, be sure to sanitize major germ hot spots in the bathroom, including the toilet seat edges, toilet handle, taps/faucets, counters, floors, cabinet handles, etc. 

And just an added note: if you have a small bathroom, we can guarantee that if you aren’t putting that toilet lid down when you flush, then your toothbrush is in a direct path with that toilet plume—so just ew.

10. Gaming stuff

If you have gaming equipment like headphones and controllers, you should be washing these weekly as well. If you share them, you should wipe them down before and after playing. Even if you’re the only one using the stuff, you want to remove germs transferred from your hands. You should be able to just use a disinfecting wipe without issue. For headphones, however, wipe off the disinfectant residue so it doesn’t damage the soft surface. Then, let the games begin! 

If you really want to banish those germs from your home, our residential deep cleaning services at Maid4Condos are just what you need. Speak to our team today at 647-822-0601 to learn more, or contact us online.

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