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10 Must-Know Tips to Save Time and Effort When Moving

10 Must-Know Tips to Save Time and Effort When Moving
February 21, 2022

Moving is proven to be one of the most stressful things you can experience in your lifetime. Even when it is part of a positive step in your life, such as buying your first home, moving in with a partner, or moving into your first apartment, it still comes with a long list of tasks that can become overwhelming. However, fear not! Here, we offer 10 must-know tips to help save time and effort when you move.

Moving tips that can save you time and effort

1. Create a to-do list

Even if you aren’t much of a list-maker, moving has so many steps that you don’t want to miss anything. The most important steps to add to your list include:

  • Checking out the price for movers vs. renting a truck or van to DIY it
  • Scheduling the truck rental or moving company for moving day
  • Getting boxes for packing
  • Packing schedule
  • Trash removal if required
  • Arranging for new furniture or appliance deliveries
  • Recruiting helpers
  • Change of address
  • Change of utilities, including ending them at your current home and setting them up at your new one
  • Reserving the moving elevator at your new and old building
  • Finding a new pharmacy closer to your new home
  • Cleaning out your fridge and freezer
  • Arranging for a move-in cleaning service

This will help you keep on top of everything, and provide great satisfaction as you cross each item off the list. If something new comes up, be sure to add it to the list.

2. Hire a moving company

If you have the budget, it is much easier to hire a moving company instead of trying to do it yourself. Ask for referrals, and check online reviews to find the right team for the job. Make sure they are bonded and insured, as they will be handling your most cherished belongings. Start this process as soon as you know you are moving so you can schedule them in, as movers book up fast. If you can’t afford movers, schedule your truck or van rental as soon as possible.

3. Speak to your building management

If you live in a condo or apartment, and/or are moving to an apartment or condo, speak to your building management about the move. Most buildings have rules in place regarding moving times, elevator use, where you can load and unload, etc. Knowing all of the rules in advance will help you avoid a lot of unnecessary stress.

4. Pack a bit each day and toss what you don’t need

Take a little time each day to get some packing done. A good rule of thumb is to start with things you don’t need right now like your off-season clothing. As you pack, look for opportunities to get rid of stuff you don’t wear or no longer use. These items can be packed separately either to be tossed, given to charity, or to be sold.

Selling items can help build up some funds for your moving expenses. If you have stuff to donate, do so as soon as you can to reduce the number of boxes and bags in your home. You’ll be glad to be rid of the old things you no longer need, reduce the number of boxes you need to move, and have an easier job unpacking at your new place.

5. Make a list of things needed at the new place

If you are moving into a rental unit, there are things you will most likely need the day you move in. This includes items such as curtains for privacy, which won’t come with the new home in most cases. As well, if this is your first apartment, you’ll need a long list of household items, especially for the kitchen.

While it does add to the things you need to pack, you’ll be much better off if you make these purchases in advance. The last thing you want is to find your new neighbours across the way staring at you, or that you don’t have a cup for your morning coffee.

6. Set aside moving money

You will come across some unexpected moving expenses that could interfere with your monthly budget. To avoid budget challenges, be sure to reduce your spending for the months before you move. Set aside money you would normally spend on things like take-out so you can cover costs of the moving van, set up costs for things like cable or internet, and also pay for pizza for the group that helps you move.

7. Pack a moving-day overnight bag

As you wind down your packing, consider the things you should have handy for the first night in your new home. This would include your pyjamas, clean clothes for the next day, sheets and towels, and your personal hygiene items. You also might consider packing a box of tools and cleaning products you can access easily so you can put together furniture, hang pictures, or clean kitchen counters and cupboards before you unpack.

8. Keep organized

This is easier said than done, but your to-do list will help. By packing slowly each day, you can keep organized and be ready for moving day. As well, if you plan things out well and stick to your plan, you can stay organized so you aren’t feeling rushed and stressed.

9. Label everything clearly

Every box should be clearly labelled so it is easy for movers, yourself, and any helpers you recruit to know where everything goes. This includes furniture if you have to move several rooms. Put a sticky note on each room door so everyone knows where to go. For example, if you have several bedrooms, they should be labelled as bedroom 1, 2, or office, and the boxes and furniture for those rooms should be marked exactly the same.

10. Create a floor plan

A floor plan will help make setting up at your new home easier. You can direct the movers where to put everything, so you don’t have to contend with shifting things around. If you have access to your new home before moving day, take the time to go there, measure everything, and fine tune your floor plan to make sure the furniture fits.

While moving is always stressful, these 10 tips will make things easier. And don’t forget to schedule a move-in cleaning service so your new home is sparkling clean. Speak to our team at Maid4Condos today by calling us at 647-822-0601.

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