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10 Helpful Tips for Packing Your Clothes and Shoes for Moving

10 Helpful Tips for Packing Your Clothes and Shoes for Moving
August 2, 2021

Whether you are moving in or out of your condo, packing is a pain! It’s also frustrating, messy and boring to boot. However, if you have a plan in mind, you can make short work of your packing, so you’re ready to make your move.

Packing tips for your clothes and shoes while moving

One of the biggest challenges is packing your clothes and shoes. Believe it or not, there is a way to pack other than tossing everything in garbage bags. Here we offer 10 helpful tips to make packing a whole lot easier.

1. Purge as you work

A big mistake we all make when packing clothes is packing stuff we haven’t worn in years. Now is the best time to sort through everything and toss what you no longer need. Not only does it make it easier to unpack at your new place, but it also means you have less to load and unload onto the truck.

Anything you haven’t worn in over a year is most likely not going to be worn again. So look for the items that see little time out on the town and put them aside. Also look at stuff that is out of date, out of shape, or that no longer fits and toss them as well. Consider selling the clothes in good shape online or giving them to a friend. Throw out anything that is torn, and put the rest in a bag for donation well before your moving day.

2. Keep things in their drawers

For clothes stored in dresser drawers, instead of trying to just jam and pile your clothes into a suitcase, leave them where they are. Tape the dresser drawers shut and just move the entire dresser as is. If this is too heavy, another option is to pull out the drawers and cover them with a garbage bag and tape so you can move the drawers and dresser separately. Then you just have to remove the wrapping and slide them into the dresser at your new place. You can do the same for hanging clothes in a wardrobe. Just tape the doors securely closed and you’re good to go.

3. Lay, roll or fold clothing

For clothes stored in the closet, there are a few options. You can take the clothes, hangers and all, and lay them neatly in a suitcase or box. However, the best way to avoid wrinkles is to either fold or roll your clothes. Some people prefer the rolling method as it’s not as fussy and it tends to take up less space.

4. Consider a clothing rack

A quicker way to manage clothing on hangers is to transfer them onto a portable clothing rack. They come on wheels so you can roll them from closet to closet, transfer the clothes to the rack and then roll them out to the moving van. Make sure to lock the wheels once loaded onto the truck. Also, if you have access to shrink wrap, shrink wrap the entire rack to protect the clothes in the move.

5. Use garment bags

For your best clothes, make sure you put them in garment bags to avoid ruining them. It’s easy to soil your clothes during a move and garment bags allow you to either place them on a clothing rack or move them as is and avoid getting them dirty.

If you don’t want to invest in garment bags, large garbage bags work well. Cut a small hole in the bottom center of the bag to accommodate the hanger hooks and then slide the top of the bag down and over your clothes. Voilà, cheap and cheerful garment bags. You can then pull the drawstrings of the bag at the bottom to seal them up.

6. Sort by season

Packing by season allows you to have your clothes organized from the moment you move in. Depending on the time of year, pack the clothes you won’t need for a while in handy large, lidded plastic containers you can either slide under your bed or place in a storage area.

7. Use vacuum bags

Those vacuum storage bags work wonders to make the most of your suitcase space. You can place items such as seasonal clothes or bulkier sweaters in the vacuum bags, suck out all the air and then stack them either in a suitcase or plastic moving boxes. Just remember you shouldn’t store them in the bags beyond six months or else they’ll damage your clothes.

8. Use shoe boxes

With any luck, you’ve kept your shoe boxes. They make it much easier to move shoes as all the pairs stay together and you’re less likely to lose a shoe. Just be sure to seal the lids with tape or large elastic bands. If you didn’t keep your shoe boxes, you can actually buy plastic ones, usually at the dollar store or online. They’re actually worth the investment as they’ll last forever and provide the perfect storage solution when you move in.

9. Invest in hanging shoe racks

Another smart investment is hanging shoe racks. These handy little organizers will make the most of the space in your new closets. Load up the racks with your shoes, and then hang them on your clothing racks or lay them in the back of your car.

10. Pack boots on the bottom

If you are packing all your shoes in one box or suitcase, always place larger, heavier shoes like snow boots or men’s dress shoes on the bottom and then make your way up to lighter footwear like sandals on top. This will avoid damaging and squashing your more delicate favourite strappy shoes.

Although packing is a pain, these tips will make life easier, while also helping to protect your clothes. Plus, you’ll find it easier to unpack at your new home. Once you move out, don’t forget to arrange a move-out condo cleaning Toronto tenants expect.

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